Coming from Greek mythology, the naiads represent, by their etymology, the constant and tranquil rhythm of a river. What could be much more all-natural to see a kinship withThe Flowof a game?

In addition to its ennting environment and its eco-friendly benevolence, the game is also a tiny concentrate of Pixel-Art know-how, the numerous information of that make you want to submerse yourself in infinite flow breastplates.

Developed by the solo Hiwarp developer, Naiad offers himself as a relaxing as colorful experience, camped by a nymph evolving on the quiet waves of a river full of life. Set up on PC, ps5 and ps4, the game ought to be launched in the autumn.

_ Dans naiad , you will certainly learn to swim like a duck, dive like a fish, increase like a frog, you will fulfill adorable buddies such as dragonflies, rabbits, turtles, snakes and also crocodiles.

Currently announced on computer, the video game will as a result also be released on the gaming consoles of Sony, in the 3rd quarter of 2022. Split into 16 phases, the game for that reason places us in the shoes of a nymph which should rise the thread of a river, and also interact With the various aspects existing (pets, plants, or also the representations of the stars on the water) to awaken the resting forces of nature, as well as therefore sublimate our reflective experience.

Greek video clip

Naiad-trailer program at Day of the Devs