Blizzard has prepared a special promotion that almost everyone will be able to benefit from nearly because the whole thing is divided into two parts. The first concerns people who will receive an email from the company with the offer. According to it, they will obtain a free token to change factions when they invite someone to return to World of Warcraft (such a person cannot have an active account from May 31, 2022).

The second part is about people invited to return. You can send five friend requests from this email, and they will receive a 30-day subscription to World of Warcraft. Sounds great. So, where is the catch?

Not everyone will get an email with the offer, only a selected group of players. Many veterans say they missed it, but many people boast that they got something like that. If you count on free 30 days of playing WoW, you can put your Battletag on the local Reddit, and maybe someone will make you a pleasant surprise.

So far, however, no one has received a subscription yet, so it is unknown how it works. Blizzard noted that the entire process is not immediate and may take a while. In addition, you cannot have an active account from May 31, 2022, which also raises some doubts – some people indicate that this is a minimal limitation. It is enough that you did not buy a subscription to World of Warcraft in June, and theoretically, you get an invitation to return to the game.

Time will show what will come of it. Blizzard will be sending emails with the promotion until June 21, so probably more people will benefit from the free token to change factions, and even more, people will win 30 days of free play. I wonder if Blizzard accidentally boasted about the number of World of Warcraft players!

PS Of course not, but the real action will undoubtedly attract players. It’s a fair price for free!