Vismuth prisms in the Monster Hunter Rise are obtained when rainbow ore, material that can be found in lava caves. They are marked on the map with small purple question signs, and in order to get to them, you need to jump a little. Here’s how to get the prisms of bismuth at Monster Hunter Rise.

where to farm the gamut prisms in mhr

In lava caves Players can use a map to find rainbow ore deposits to collect bismuth prisms in MHR. They are noted purple interrogative signs when looking at a large card, but in the form of purple icons of colors when using an enlarged card during a trip.

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How to climb the walls and use Wirebug


Players can climb the walls Launching themselves with wirebug , automatically traveling up the wall, consuming endurance and running up. If players lose their endurance, they make a somersault back. If this happens, and the player still has a Wirebug, he can start himself again to run up again, using endurance restored after a somersault ago.

Control elements to launch yourself on the wall:

Switch *- ZL will enter the aiming mode and ZR will use Wirebug to start the player.
PC Middle mouse/click will enter the aiming mode and mouse button four will use Wirebug to launch the player.
Playstick 4/5 -using the PS4/PS5 controller in Steam, L2 will enter the aiming mode and R2 will use Wirebug to start the player.
Xbox * One/series X/S -Using the XBOX controller in Steam, Lt will be included in the aiming mode and RT ** will use Wirebug to start the player.

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