If there is something that people like in Fortnite, this is the apparent abundance of skins that exuded sexual attractiveness. Well, it could be a frank lie, but it was believable, right? That not a lie is that Fortnight is an incredible number of skins and characters. There is someone for every1. With this in mind, we compiled a list of the sexiest girls. So grab the glass of your favorite drink, silk robe and go.

the hottest skins Fortnite

sorcerer Jinx

Jinx is an unconventional choice, but, nevertheless, it takes a place close and expensive to our hearts. The overall design of her character, from long blue pigtails to her chaotic nature, is charming and perfectly transferred to this skin.


Beefcake Jason Momoa gives this inspired discard of his resemblance. Arthur Curry appears in complete glory without a shirt. Is his sexuality enough to make enemies think twice? We would like to think so.


Cammy has long been a favorite in Street Fighter, and for that, good reasons. She is fierce and seductive. Although her skin Fortnite was changed to make it more suitable for the family, it cannot be denied that she is still magnificent.

Main Hopper

The favorite chief of the police from Very strange things issued an arrest warrant of our hearts. If the seduction of them is a crime, then we have no other choice but to admit ourselves guilty.


We are not sure what the Demi deal is. Maybe she is an elite operative? Does it perform a super-secret mission in the Fortnite world? Or is she just a very devoted gamer with a tactical bag for snacks tied to her sultry leg? In any case, we are here for this!

Chris Redfield

If Bauldering was sports, Mr. Redfield would have a gold medal. He would also have a gold medal in the most powerful biceps.


Did Domino use her mutant power of good luck to get into this list? Would we know if she was? This skin accurately conveys everything about one of the most outstanding members of the X-FORCE.


Unga Bunga! Perhaps we allowed our primitive brain to prevail over this list. But there is something so muscular and courageous in d’UGH that we need this cave man on our list right now!


Like Jinx, Grimoir is a non-standard choice. But one cannot deny the charm of this Gothic mistress. All this black skin is a classic look, but it takes it to a new level.


The Kajun lover himself landed in Fortnite with his main opponent, Rogue. This courteous and dashing mutant is captured in all its glory with this skin. Now fulfill the legendary guitar solo!


This seductive detective revealed all those subtle tips that we left in the form of love notes, floral compositions and edible fruits. Now it’s time to put on handcuffs and take us inside.

John Wick

He is a concentrated person, purposeful and with pure will. He is also the sexiest hired killer. Having eliminated his impostor, Mr. Wick completely landed on the Fortnite stage and demanded our affection.

Destroyer of the jaws

Simple. Tempting. Dark. We are not difficult people in Pro Game Guides. This does not have to be complex or partner skin to conquer us. Jawbreaker conquers us with its original design and shows how attractive the base skin can be.


The pope of the war can have a rough appearance, but this is part of what makes him so attractive. We know that he is a big weakling who is only waiting to be hacked. And let’s be honest, who does not want to be in these big strong hands?


This mutant master-killer and world-class psychic was at the top of the list of the sexiest X-Men since its debut in the 80s. Therefore, it is not surprising that she will appear here when she has her own fortnite skin.

the threat

This gladiator is the champion of the arena and our desire. Taking a page from the play of Spartak, this smeared with oil and the shaved god-male will necessarily attract attention. Whether because of rough sexual attractiveness or because of one of these maces, it depends on it.



Her views and touch can be killed, but, frankly, it was worth it. This southern beauty is as sweet as candy, and as seductive with this fortnite skin.


RAZ directs a little hardcore energy Prince of Persia, and we wish that the 2008 Romek receive a continuation, which he deserves so much. In the meantime, we can dream, looking longing into the eyes of times.


Dark? Check. Beautiful? Check. Deadly? Check. Sorin meets all our strict requirements for the stunning throw by Fortnite.

sergeant winter

We want only one gift in this festive season, and this is this muscular Santa!
While we should be on a good list, will it be the worst in his naughty list?
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