Square Enix has released another trailer for the mobile Arpg Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile, which will soon debut in the Land of the Rising Sun. The focus was Katsets.

It is through them that the game recreates the story of the Elric brothers, the main characters of the manga Arakawa Hiroma Steel Alchemist and the anime of the same name. Fans are waiting for a new meeting with other heroes of the work. In addition to the videos, gamers will be offered battles with the participation of alchemists, military and other characters.

Preliminary registration in Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile has started

At the end of May, the developers opened a preliminary registration, which can be passed in the Japanese segment of Google Play and App Store, as well as in Taptap.

Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile will be released on Android and iOS in Japan in the summer.