The Loser Bracket’s final begins with great emotion in an epic confrontation between the merger team against Leviathan, looking for the pass to the grand finale where the Kru team is waiting for the rival, a quite strong duel where the team ofteam LAN Seeks to overthrow the second position of the , taking the best tools for each squad where the key plays show the pass to the final.

All or nothing


The first confrontation puts a map of bind where the team fuses it showed great domain from the beginning when taking a FADE in the hands of dcop with which it would cause ravages and managed to put things 9-3 in The score, on the change of sides the Levianeta would react with great boom achieving thanks to the power of Melser with its heavenly fumes but the ninjas would end the encounter with a 13-10.

In the second map we went to a Icebox where the power of the marine dragon was presented with great bite because Shy would take out a k/I to cancel the rivals getting over the rivals from the rivals from the rivals from the rivals Start to leave the map very tilted for them with 11-1 in the defense, changing to the attack and with the Levianeta on only two rounds were played in favor of them to tie the series.

Arriving at Split that it was the third map we see Tacolilla making himself present in the encounter with an aggressive chamber in the attack that would put several bullets in the rivals to make them fall achieving things in his favor with a 7-5, changing the roles the defense proposed by the Levianeta would be very strong managing to stop Fusion on several occasions to achieve the situation with a 13-6.

A fourth map of Breeze that would be the break point because if the Levianeta won, the series took, the Fusion team would take the lead in the match thanks to Torrify that the head hunter would put In the right places during the first part leaving things with a 7-5, in the change of sides both squads showed a great level within the stage managing to send the situation to an overtime where DCOP with their soy would make the honors of closing with a 14-12.

The decisive map would be Ascent where adverse would show a great job with his wax to make the rivals fall and get important information for the Levianeta to take several rounds in his favor leaving a 9-3, changing From roles we see the reaction of the ninjas that began to hit little by little with a Xander that managed to get rounds for his side to fight at the meeting, however, Leviathan would seek to settle the encounter with some complications with a 13-10 with which they take the pass to the final.

The lower bracket final concludes by putting the Levianeta as the second finalist of the tournament and thereby ensures minimal the fact of being able to participate in Last Chance Qualifier if they would lose before Kru, the two teams that the two teams that the two teams that They are measured today they look for the pass to the international after a great job during the regional tournaments and relive the rivalry of the south to find the champion.