The hiring war is in full swing. As the competition for talent recruitment is intensifying, the cost of hiring is increasing.

From the company’s point of view, we are looking for candidates for jobs, reviewing support documents, interviewing, and investing enormous time and money to recruit talent until the final confirmation. In some companies, a dedicated recruitment organization is separate.

Talent recruitment is not the end. Including the onboarding period for adaptation, it may take more than three to six months long to perform the performance after the career talent is recruited.

In particular, the less recognition, the less, the less supply to the demand, the longer the high-level position. This is why IT services that minimize the time and cost of hiring are attracting attention. Introducing platforms that provide specialized services for career recruitment, such as quickly looking for key talents and verifying reputation.

■ If you search, everything comes out… Popularity of ‘career recruitment solution’ to find hidden talents

In general, active job seekers who have decided to turnover check the recruitment information from time to time, while key talents recognized in the field are not intended to be intended because they do not have a willingness to turn.

As a result, recruitment solutions that can be easily accessible and easily access to them are popular. The comprehensive business platform ‘Remember’ is a typical example. Remember is rapidly expanding the service area to the HR market, providing recruitment solutions for career scouts based on 3.5 million employees who have secured business cards.

Remember recruitment solution is a service that allows corporate recruiters and headhunters to search for talents and send scout proposals in accordance with the conditions they want, such as company names, positions, jobs, annuals, and skills. In particular, 80%of Remember registered talent is unique to other recruitment portals, and it is characterized by high-career talent pools from over-the-counter level to executive level, which is difficult to find in general jet portal. In addition, the company provides one-stop service for hiring career talent, such as’ target notification ‘, which is highly targeted by high-job talents and exposes companies’ job postings.

A member of Remember said, The two core of the career scouts are how accurately and quickly can find the talent suitable for the organization and how easily it can be accessible to the talent. It is possible at once, so it is well received by companies with high demand for careers.

** ■ When I picked it, I got a rotten apple in the organization?

When selecting career jobs, there is also a ‘reputation inquiry’ platform that allows you to check for years of tracks, not just to see the packaging during the limited interview time.

‘Specter’ is a platform that shares the reputation of applicants’ applicants written by executives and colleagues. The number of applicants and mobile phone numbers can be viewed in 10 seconds of the reputation written by the representatives and executives of the company. Only personnel who have completed the certification process can write a reputation, and can check the reason for leaving, business competence, and ethical consciousness. Even applicants without reputation will register a new reputation within three days when requested. On the contrary, applicants may request reputation to effectively manage their career and reputation. Not all reputations can be viewed without the applicant’s consent.

The talent verification service ‘Checker’ is also noteworthy. The checker can automate the reputation process necessary for the recruitment of a company’s career, so that the recruitment candidate can be checked safely and conveniently. The reference check candidate can be registered in 30 seconds, and a form that can be optimized according to position and job group is also provided. From the candidate’s reputation inquiry, starting to the provision of the reference check, all processes are done in a day, making it fast and convenient.

■ Specialized from remote part time to female recruitment… ‘Career Vertical Platform’ Eyes

As the career market grows, the appearance of a vertical platform that has narrowed the service personality and targets is also eye-catching.

‘Dio’, a career side job platform, is a service that helps startups to hire senior developers, marketers and designers from big tech companies. Since the Corona Fan Demicks, Njellants are increasing, and career talents are talented in an environment where the remote work is increasing, and startups are helping to experience and hire excellent personnel.

There is also a platform ‘Weekanect’ to help career women. Wickernect believes that there is a reason why career-breaking women with sufficient capabilities are not reemployed, and they are discovering and connecting with job seekers. In addition to recruitment brokerage, it provides various contents and programs for career development of career women job seekers.