Hyundai Motor unveiled its second dedicated electric vehicle ‘Ionic 6’ design.

Hyundai Motor announced on the 29th that it will unveil the second exclusive electric vehicle Ionic 6 indoor and outdoor design with the Hyundai Motor Group’s electric vehicle platform e-GMP.

Inspired by the Electric Concept Car Professor, Ionic 6’s exterior is a streamlined silhouette finished in several curves and minimizes air resistance.

On the front is a parametry pixel light and a new emblem of Hyundai. The new emblem made of aluminum will be attached to the new car that Hyundai will introduce.

The streamlined side window line meets a built-in flush door handle and a digital side mirror to create a future-oriented atmosphere. Three-dimensional rear spoilers and rear bumper cladding deliver dynamic images and show off their unique presence on the road.

The interior is spacious, and the bridge type center console provides a large capacity storage space. Four dots in the middle of the steering wheel are free from the traditional logo layout and interact with the driver through light.

The dual-color ambient mood lamp reveals the room with a calm wave, while the digital side mirror shows a differentiated shape that embodies the wings of the airplane.

The finishing material is environmentally friendly. For sustainable growth, the sheets using recycled plastic fabrics, a dashboard with bio plastic skins extracted from sugar cane, and a headliner made of bio PET fabrics.

For more information about Ionic 6 Indoor and Over and Over Design, please visit the Ionic 6 Campaign page or Hyundai Motor YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, Hyundai will release detailed specifications such as mileage at the 2022 Busan Motor Show, which will be held on the 15th of next month.