Square Enix released a patch 6.18 of Final Fantasy XIV (hereinafter FF14) on July 5. In this patch, a mechanism Data Center Travel, which moves over the data centers, has been introduced, and a data center has been reorganized. At the newly born METEOR Data Center, the culture of the data centers once belonged to each world has entered, and it seems to be a festive fuss somewhere while being chaotic.

The FF14 server is divided into the world to which each player belongs, and a data center that can be matched and PT recruitment beyond the world. Until now, there were three Japanese data centers: Elemental/Gaia/Mana, but in patch 6.18, a new METEOR has been added here, and the load is distributed by moving the world from the existing three data centers. rice field. The world that moves to the Meteor Data Center is Ramuh/Unicorn World from Elemental Data Center, Valefor/Yojimbo/Zeromus World from GAIA Data Center, and Belias/Mandragora/SHINRINRYU World from MANA Data Center.

The METEOR Data Center has two to three worlds from existing data centers. For this reason, the characteristics of each data center are currently in place, and players are confused by the differences from the previous play environment on SNS.

For example, ELEMENTAL Data Center, which contains many English-speaking players, including the Tonberry World, seems to be surprised that there is little use of fixed sentences in chat. The fixed statement of FF14 is a simple translation function that can be used for chat and PT recruitment sentences. If you enter Hello. In Japanese using a dictionary, it will be displayed as Hello! In English clients. People from Elemental Data Center, who have many English-speaking players, may have stuck to having a daily conversation using fixed statements. On SNS, etc., we moved to METEOR Data Center and joined players from other data centers.

At the GAIA Data Center, there is a culture of daily conversations and stories on the PT recruitment bulletin board. For example, if someone posts a PT recruitment, What should I do today? In addition, the GAIA Data Center is also characteristic that there are many PT recruitment of PTs with outstanding content, such as job tie, chat tying tone, and content capture with naked eyes. It seems that many PT recruitment on the first day of the METEOR Data Center made it feel the scent of GAIA, and it seemed to have played a part of the festival on the first day.

In addition to these two data centers, there is no sharp feature, and the one who is confused is from the Mana Data Center. A person from the Elemental Data Center, who talks in a fixed sentence, is sandwiched between people from GAIA Data Center in Paripi, which tends to be frustrating, may be the most likely to change the environment.

The differences in local rules for each data center are also highlighted at the birth of the Meteor Data Center. The target marker in PVP is ◎ markers in the GAIA Data Center, one marker in Elemental and MANA Data Center. It seems that the METEOR Data Center’s PVP is currently in a situation where the marker is confused, but I would like to use a macro that can handle both. Also, regarding the highly difficult content capture method, the mainstream may be different for each data center, which is likely to be confusing. Make sure to check the macros before the capture.

METEOR data center of FF14, which highlights the local features of each data center by newly established and reorganized data centers. At present, it may be like a dark pot, but the local rules will eventually be unified and a new culture unique to Meteor Data Center will be created. I am looking forward to the future growth of the METEOR Data Center which has a unique data center.

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