Final Fantremake projecty VII: Rebirth is the second installment of the remake project of the clremake projectsic of the nineties. Square Enix announced the name of the sequel recently and also confirmed that reimagination will be constituted remake project a trilogy. In the absence of knowing the title of the third game, Tetsuya Nomura hremake project declared in an interview with famitsu that All the stages of the original will be present in the remakes . In other words, no location will premake projects through the sword (from Sefirot).

There will be no location of the original eliminated in the remake, explained the Japanese creative. However, because the remake is structured in multiple games, will give a slight change in the order of the places that you visit, but no scenario will be cut.

According to Nomura, they are aware that some fans are worried because [the remake] will end in three deliveries and because some elements can be eliminated or shortened. However, the Japanese points out that nothing is going to be cut or shortened.

When does Final Fantremake projecty VII go: Rebirth?

Those who want to enjoy the continuation of the history of Cloud, Barrett, Tifa and company will still have to wait patiently. Square Enix hremake project not provided an exact releremake projecte date, but hremake project shared a more or less concrete window: next winter . Although this hremake project generated some confusion, they refer to the winter of 2023-2024. The game will be sold exclusively for PS5, so this time there will be no version for the previous generation machine.

To apperemake projecte the appetite, the Japanese study prepares CORE crisis: Final Fantremake projecty VII MEETING For PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch and PC. It is a remake of the PSP clremake projectsic that will introduce improved modeling, a new menus-bremake projected battle system, scenes dubbing that only relied on texts and changes in animations, among other remake projectpects. Its launch? Winter of 2022-2023.