In Psychonauts 2, as already partially 1, Raz plays. The lead character is still 10 years old, 132 centimeters big and has PSI forces. In position completely transformed out, you use these abilities in a different way: the blend of activity adventure, Dive ‘run and rail sections obtained strong evaluations from specialist press as well as gamers. The 87 Metacore for the Xbox Collection X variation talks for itself. In the PSI forces test there was a 9.0 rating and also a gold honor.

In the German Amazon store, the video game Psychonauts 2: Motherlobe is already listed and Microsoft officially announces that there will be a physical version of Psychonauts 2, which was published in August 2021 for the Xbox gaming consoles. The publication date is September 27, 2022. Despite the addition Motherlobe, there appears to be no new material.

If you have fancy this game as well as had by Xbox Game Pass, you can expect it as well as start straight by means of Cloud Gaming.

Others either wait till September or hit the store:

* Psychonauts 2-59.99 euros

On top of that, the Psychonauts 2 Collection agency’s Edition was officially announced. You can discover this at as well as costs $ 129.99. On the page you will additionally discover the brand-new vinyl soundtracks that are also revealed on the following graphic: