SIE’s new VR headset, ‘PlayStation VR2 (hereinafter referred to as PSVR2)’, has entered the countdown to full-scale launch preparations. Although a clear release schedule has not been released to this day, news that raises expectations of VR fans, such as the leak of real photos through developers and announcements of mass production within the year through professional analysts, continues to grow.

Although only simple specifications of the device have been released yet, a lot of next-generation VR games scheduled to be serviced through the PSVR2 platform have also been revealed. After the ‘PSVR2 Preview’ article written with imagination and anticipation in 2020, it is time to review together the specifications and information that have been clearly revealed and what new VR games that can be played with PSVR2 have been released. I did.

The dream of wireless has been shattered, but… Design and performance of ‘PSVR2’ that draws next-generation VR

Last February, the final design of the PSVR2 was revealed for the first time. Sony has introduced that the PSVR2’s design is in the shape of a round ‘sphere’, and it is the shape that best shows the 360-degree field of view that the player can see when entering the VR world. The front part, where the four tracking cameras are placed, is decorated with a smooth white visor similar to the PS5’s faceplate, and a unique strap design that continues from its predecessor was adopted.

In addition, Sony said it has paid attention to ergonomics so that users can forget that they are using a headset and immerse themselves in the game. Such consideration can be found in the rounded shape without corners, the design considering weight balance, and the IPD control function.

Just two years ago, there was an expectation that it would offer wireless connectivity along with many of these features. One of the most fundamental solutions to the ‘uncomfortable fit’, a chronic problem of VR headsets, was to eliminate a separate connection between the console device and the headset. As the ‘wireless technology-related patent’ filed by SIE at the time was published, these expectations were further heightened.

However, the published results were slightly different. PSVR2 will be a wired VR headset that connects one power cable to the PS5 main body. Of course, the background for adopting wired is understandable. To capture the next-generation, more immersive VR experience that takes full advantage of the superior performance of the PS5, you need a device that has long-lasting battery capacity and light weight. If this is realistically solved, the form of the current PSVR2, which maintains power through a cable, seems to be the most ideal. After improvement and improvement, a greatly simplified method was introduced, requiring only one USB Type-C cable to be connected.

However, as the pool of VR users who have already tasted the convenience of wirelessly operated VR headsets such as Meta Quest 2 has greatly increased, the ‘wired connection’ has become a point that those planning to purchase PSVR2 should definitely consider. A strong exclusive lineup that takes advantage of the superior device performance of the PS5 is even more desperate.

Let’s check the device specifications together. PSVR2’s OLED display supports 2000X2040 resolution per eye, 4K HDR video, and a viewing angle of 110 degrees. Thanks to the device’s built-in tracking camera, there is no need to install an external camera, and it supports eye tracking technology and ‘foveated rendering’ together. It is known that ‘Tobii’, a company specializing in eye tracking technology, participated in the development of the eye tracking technology installed in PSVR2.

In addition, PSVR2 will provide a haptic feedback function using the headset’s own vibration. This means that you can experience the haptic feedback that you could only feel with a controller, such as DualShock and DualSense, through a headset. Several next-generation games targeting PS5 consoles and PSVR2 headsets have been developed, and how much more in-game headset haptic feedback can enhance players’ VR experiences and immersion is already making us look forward to the release of PSVR2.

If we compare the performance of PSVR2 simply in terms of device performance, it can be seen that the performance is never inferior to that of high-end VR headsets distributed at a price of over 1 million won in the market. As the fatal problem of wired connection remains, it seems to have advanced specifications that greatly exceed the previous PSVR and Meta Quest 2 headsets, which are currently showing the greatest influence in the entire market.

PSVR2 dedicated controller that reads even finger movements has been released

A new controller exclusively for PSVR2 has been revealed, rather than reusing PS5’s DualSense or existing move rods. The official name is ‘PlayStation VR2 Sense Controller (hereafter Sense Controller)’.

When I was writing a preview article for PSVR2 two years ago, I predicted a glove-shaped controller and a controller that tracks the movement of my fingers. In fact, the released Sense Controller is armed with a variety of new technologies that not only track finger movements, but also add an immersive VR experience.

Basically, the Sense controller has the same round, spherical design as the PSVR2 headset. Analog sticks, action buttons, option buttons, and crafting buttons are installed, allowing more intuitive operation than the previous model that used dual shock or move sticks.

What is noteworthy is that the ‘finger touch detection’ system that detects the movement of your finger is applied so that you can interact with the in-game items and environment naturally without pressing a separate button. This allows you to interact naturally in the VR world as if you were wearing a gloved controller and using your hands.

The Sense Controller includes haptic feedback and adaptive triggering as additional elements to add to the immersive experience of VR experiences. You can feel the realistic and detailed responses to in-game actions from the slightest vibration to the intense pulse in your hand holding the controller. In addition, the adaptive trigger function applied to DualSense is also applied to the Sense controller, so you will be able to experience the vividness of handling a real weapon even in a VR game.

▲ The charm of adaptive trigger has already been proven through Dual Sense

So, what games do you support? VR Games Coming Soon to PSVR2

Game Name: Horizon Call of the Mountain
Release Date: TBD
Keywords: #exploration #hunting #crafting

‘Horizon Call of the Mountain’ is the latest game in the Horizon series that is being developed entirely for PSVR2. It is characterized by one thing.

The game is played through the eyes of a new character, Ryas, who did not appear in the original series, and in the process, you can meet familiar characters from the original series, including Aloy. Of course, you will be able to see the interaction with the mechanics, which was the biggest feature of the original, in this new work.

In particular, ‘Horizon Call of the Mountain’ is also the first title introduced along with the official page of PSVR2. Although nothing has been revealed exactly, there is a strong possibility that it will be revealed as a launch title for PSVR2. As this is a title that is being painstakingly prepared so that users can fully enjoy the performance of PSVR2, we hope that it will attract attention as a ‘goty-class VR game’ that has not appeared for a long time since Half-Life: Alyx.

Game Name: Resident Evil Village
Release Date: TBD
Keywords: #survival #horror #shooting

At the State of Play announcement held in June, the PSVR2 version of the latest Resident Evil series, ‘Resident Hazard Village (hereinafter referred to as the Village)’ was announced. After Horizon Call of the Mountain, it was the announcement of the second blockbuster IP that excites users who have been waiting for PSVR2.

Village, played on PSVR2, is a work that vividly captures the moments of the original protagonist Ethan Winters encountering in a village set in Eastern Europe. The scene of the encounter with Alcina Dmitriscu, which had been a hot topic even before its release, was also perfectly implemented in VR, and there are various new actions possible because of VR, such as looking inside the room through the cracks in the door or using both hands to manipulate weapons or tools. will be added.

It is often said that horror games are doubled when played with VR. We look forward to seeing the VR version of Village, which will be filled with a different experience from playing on a monitor, as soon as possible.

Game Name: No Man’s Sky
Release Date: TBD
Keyword: #open world #space #SF

‘No Man’s Sky’, a space god game that is said to be a completely different game when played in VR, was also introduced as another title that can be enjoyed through PSVR2. In fact, No Man’s Sky has demonstrated its excellent game performance to the point where it was nominated for the VR Game Award at the 2020 The Game Awards. Unfortunately, the honor of receiving the award at the time was given to ‘Half-Life: Alyx’. It was the so-called honorable killing.

Of course, since you can still play the VR version of No Man’s Sky on PC and PS4, it’s hard to see it as a completely new game. However, it is also good to expect that the visuals have been updated to match the specifications of PS5, which can be played with PSVR2, and a free update version will be provided only to existing purchasers.

Game Name: The Walking Dead: Saints and Syners Chapter 2 (Th