On July 15, Cyber Connect Two announced the trial version of Battlefield Fuga and started distribution today. Compatible platforms are PS4/PS5/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S and PC (Steam). You can download it for free from each store.

Fuga on the Battlefield is a dramatic simulation RPG on the theme of War x Revenge x Kemono. It is a work that inherits the world view of Little Tail Bronx set on a floating continent where Inito Nekhites live, such as Tail Concerto and Solatorobo. The main characters in the story are 12 children who have been deprived of their families and hometown. They board the huge tank Taranis, which has an unknown power discovered in a contraindicated cave. In order to rescue the captured family, he vows revenge on the powerful invader, Bermannic Army.

The battle system uses a turn-based command battle where giant weapons shells fly. You can enjoy a strategic battle that grasps the war situation on the timeline that indicates the order of action, and switches the members of each gun according to the characteristics of weapons, skills, and the weaknesses of enemies. In addition, several route branches are provided on the map of tanks. In this work, earning play is difficult, and resources are limited. Do you want to go steadily on a safe route or get more rewards over a severe battle? The harsh story changes with the choice of the player himself.

The reputation of this work is that MetACRITIC’s meta score of the review accumulation site has recorded 84 out of 100 points (Metacritic). In addition, 91 % of the user reviews sent to the Steam store are popular with 91 % of the popular very popular status, and the evaluation from users seems to be well evaluated. While the harsh stories on the theme of life and the last minute battle are being developed, the daily part of the watercolor-tone graphics depicts the lively expression of children seems to be gaining support.


The trial version, which has been distributed today, can be played from Chapter 1 to Chapter 3 of the story. The trial version save data can be taken over to the product version. If you haven’t played, why not try this opportunity?

Fuga on the battlefield trial version is being distributed today. Today, the release of Fuga 2 on the battlefield has been announced today (related article).