In the midst of this hot summer, Blizzard officially reveals the opening date of the Dragonflight Alfa, the new World of Warcraft expansion. And the truth is that it began yesterday Thursday, July 14, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time)

To make sure your account has been (or not) selected for this alpha, restart your client and check in the version tab, if you have an option called Dragonflight Alpha **.

Content of the Dragonflight Alfa

The process of addition of Alpha content (and the posterior beta) is different from everything we have experienced in Wow in recent years. Thus, all the content offered by the next expansion is not available and will be displayed little by little after week. However, Tina Wang and Morgan Day recently revealed to us that all content will be implemented much more aggressive than before and that periodic updates will be made in this test version.

Therefore, this first test will focus on certain elements that players will find during their trip on the equally mysterious and majestic dragon islands, from one of the new areas to the riding of the dragon, going through a very anticipated version with improvements and changes made in certain classes. Of course, and not least, the new race and class, the evocator Dracthyr , is also available!

This is what you can try:

  • Players can progress from level 65 to 68
  • The entire Azur Trecho Zone
  • Some of the changes in the professions
    The Evocator Dracthyr *, the new Association of Race and Class

* A first look at the new functions that the expansion brings some of the classes, including the new talent trees. These include Knights of Death , Hunters , Druidas , Priests and rogues .

Take the time you need to discover all this content if you have the desire (and have been selected), remember to inform even the smallest errors that you find thanks to the report tool.

Have fun, and make this experience as useful as possible for Dragonflight to be the most complete when it is launched at the end of this year! Your comments are important for players to have an optimal game experience in the coming months!

And do not forget: Do not fall into fraudulent emails due to lack of patience if you have not received access to this first test session! There are many people who try to take advantage of the despair of the World of Warcraft fans.