Mistral appeared in the plot video along with the menacing Dumal, but at the end of the R-01 mission: the coup d’etat, we will finally fight with her al1. Although the players have already defeated Metal Gear Ray and Blade Wolf, Mistral offers new mechanics and combo. This increase in complexity can be frightening, but it can be defeated. Here’s how to defeat Mistral in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

How to defeat Mistral Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

the first phase

Mistral is an aggressive boss who is trying to crush you with his minions and a flurry of attacks. The main difficulty in her struggle is to remain attached to her, since raiden often chooses gnomes-gekko instead of Mistral. .

To avoid this, you must perform several attacks in the area to remove small minions , so your goal is undeniable. If this is your passage of the new game +, the shaft hand is an excellent weapon to quickly destroy these minions. If not, your high-frequency blade should work fine.

While some other bosses in Revengeance should be approached with caution, the best way to defeat Mistral is to apply a ton of damage. At the first stage, she will apply single attacks along with the movement of the whip, which cannot be fended.

Right before the start of this attack, it will glow gold. If you are caught in this attack, it will cause great damage, so it is better to avoid this attack using Ninja Run. Her dwarf geckones will also try to jump on you and stun, which will make you vulnerable to her next attack.

The most dangerous aspects of this phase are its attacks that cannot be fended, and its stunning of the gnome of Gekko. Having slightly reducing the health lane, it will strike with its weapons, and the blade mode will be activated. Cut part of its halberda, which shines blue. , and this will lead you to its second phase. Do not forget to carry out several additional attacks in this mode of the blade.

the second phase

During the second phase, Mistral will repeat many attacks that she used in the first phase. However, she uses an attack when she jumps on a large pipe. She will throw explosives in you, but do not worry: you can easily avoid this attack, standing next to the pipe on which it is located. .

There are explosive barrels in the arena, which should either be avoided or used in their interests. They cause great damage, but can have unpleasant consequences if the mistral strikes instead of you. During this phase, Mistral will repeat these attacks in the blade mode. Just hit on the part of its shaft, which shines blue, and then attack it several times to inflict additional damage.

When Mistral has about 70% of health, it will hit Ryden according to the script, and then the blade mode is activated when it will turn you upside down. Cut its shaft weapons to avoid additional damage, and free yourself. With successful execution, you will drop the Mistral into the distance, and the third phase will begin.

the third phase

The third phase of Mistral is relatively short. The battlefield shifted into a horizontal pipe. She will repeat many of the attacks that she used in the first and second phase. Mistral will also be repeat her explosive attack , where she throws bombs from a vertical pipe. As in the latest performance of this attack, just stand next to the vertical pipe, and you will be safe from damage. After her health band reaches 50%, she will go to the fourth phase. This next phase will occur on a completely different battlefield.

fourth phase


The fourth phase takes place in a flaming arena, which is more spacious than previous battlefields. Most of her attacks will be identical to the previous phases, although she has several new combo that she will throw at you.

One of these combinations consists of three strokes and should be retorted. Another new attack is that it hit the ground and creates a destructive crack in the floor. She will repeat her explosive attack, although she can be avoided by standing under her or on the right under a pipe above her head.

As in other phases, it will attack, and the blade mode will be proposed. You both must cut the blue area of its halberds and inflict additional damage. The dwarf geckos in this arena are especially cruel, as they add chaos and can stun you. Before focusing on the mistral, you should deal with dwarf geckos. .

When Mistral has about 9% of health, a quick time will appear. If you succeed, Blade Mode will appear, and you can finish Mistral. Congratulations, you defeated Mistral!

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