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After three years in Fragrance, the end: Ehizibue adjustments to Udinese Calcio

Currently it is main: Kingsley Ehizibue leaves 1. FC Köln as well as will in future cover the Udinese Calcio jersey.
This protects against media reports that spoke of an upcoming change of the defender.
Prior to the transfer has been completed, the 1.89 meter high player traveled to Italy in mid-August to see the places of his brand-new company.

Ehizibue began his job in the Netherlands.

In 2012 he relocated to the PEC Zwolle youth academy, which followed his specialist launching 2 years later.
In 2019 he joined 1. FC Köln, whom he now left towards Udinese Calcio.
FC is supposedly a transfer of 1.5 million euros for the right-back, he authorized an agreement by 2026 consisting of an option for one more year.
In addition to 122 games in the Eredivisie with 8 objectives and 16 themes, the 27-year-old videotaped an objective in the Bundesliga in 69 games and also three prep work.

How to get Heart of Summit in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, wanderers throughout their journey will find various materials that are used to improve weapons. Some of these items can be obtained simply by studying, while others are difficult to find. Firecore, Icecore, Magcore and Rockcore are some of the nuclei of the elements that you will find in Tower of Fantasy. In the same way, rare ores are higher versions of these elementary nuclei. Heart of Summit in Tower of Fantasy is one of the materials to improve weapons, and you can get it in several ways. Here’s how to get Heart of Summit in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get the heart of the top in Tower of Fantasy?

The heart of the summit A rare ore, for the forging of which a special Omnium technology is required. These are more rare versions of Rockcore, and you can get Heart of Summit by collecting elementary and crystal ores . In the same way, you can Fuse Four Rocks to get the heart of the top. Visit your backpack and Fuse Rockcores to get Hear of Summit. These rare ores have a higher cleanliness of elements and are used to improve Gryvus weapons.

Players can also find the heart of the top by defeating Hippo enemies. These enemies can be found in places marked with white circles in the image above. You can also buy Heart of Summit in a weapon store in exchange for two black gold . However, you need to achieve wanderer level 35 to unlock the heart of winter in a weapon store. A weapon similar to chakra of the seas as well as Nightingen feather require Rockcores and Hearts of Summit to improve to higher levels. We recommend stocking Rockcores before converting them into Hearts of Summit to quickly improve weapons.

Additional Tower of Fantasy guidelines, see how to get Quantum Cloak at Tower of Fantasy in Pro Game Guides.

The Chant in der Gamescom


Take a look at The Chant ! In addition to low-cost dive scares as well as climatic scary, The Chant desires to offer much extra: exploration, battling, crafting, skill trees and also a story that adjusts to your choices throughout play. During the Gamescom 2022 , we have actually looked at whether the studio Brass TOKE that was fairly unidentified to the many assurances.

1 Page 1The Chant in the Gamescom preview page 1.

1. 1.1 Treatment team treatment
2. 1.2-Was is lazy
2 Page 2The Chant in the Gamescom preview page 2.
1. 2.1 Mit incense sticks against Beast
2. 2.2 enthusiasts and also hunters
3rd page 3bildergalerie played on The Chant: For greater than B-movie horror, it suffices…

superordinary team therapy

The Chant is distributed over a total amount of 6 phases as well as a short beginning . Chapter 3 played regarding Camp Dome Sonny , which has actually disappeared in the neighborhood mine.

In The Chant you slip into the duty of Jess , a young female who has to deal with an individual trauma that we like not to betray at this point. Last hope appears to withdraw to a spiritual resort on a remote island .

Additionally interesting : Very important information, trailers, previews on the Gamescom introduction page

The hosting is additionally coherent , with the moon, which sometimes breaks with thick tree crown, the appropriate music background and soundscape. You don’t really feel in intense risk to life, as if fatality can hide behind the next edge.

something slouches

Our first official act is certainly the expedition of the location. The (so far) anonymous island offers as a half-open game world. From the facility, i.e. the resort, we get into different, interconnected locations. To make sure that we do not agree too much from the story-relevant course, always prevent magical obstacles from browsing around the destination that trigger headaches when touched. In the very first couple of mins, The Chant emerges as an extremely straight experience .

Page 1 The Chant in the Gamescom preview page 1

Page 2 The Chant in the Gamescom preview page 2

Page 3bildergalerie bet The Chant: It is inadequate for more than B-movie scary

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Take a look at The Chant ! In enhancement to affordable dive frightens as well as climatic scary, The Chant wants to offer a lot extra: expedition, dealing with, crafting, skill trees as well as also a story that adjusts to your choices during play. In The Chant you slip into the function of Jess , a young lady who has to deal with an individual injury that we like not to betray at this point. The Chant is dispersed over a total of 6 chapters and also a short beginning . Chapter 3 played about Camp Dome Sonny , which has vanished in the neighborhood mine.

After the festival of Splatoon 3, cleaning up was held. Rare production that only limited people were seen

The eve of Splatoon 3 ended at 21:00 on August 28. The festival before the release was over, but it was reported that the rearranging production had occurred immediately after the end of the festival. It seems that some people have encountered rare events.

The eve of the Splatoon 3 is an event where you can experience the game before the release. It was divided into three areas: Europe, the United States, Japan and Oceania, and enjoyed a 12-hour festival for each region. Various contents are available, such as tutorials, town walking, festival voting, and weapons testing, and Nawabari Battle and Tricara Battle. As a result, the Goo team won, and the festival was a great success. Immediately after the end, I guess some people were immersed in the lingering sound, but it seems that cleaning up was implemented in the game.

In the Splatoon series, festivals are regularly implemented, and the city is a festival specification. People’s fuss and neon lights glow, and radio personality dances. It will be a festival. If the time is over, it will be restored. It is the usual fashionable (relatively) quiet cityscape. And in Splatoon 3, it is said that after the festival, there is a cleanup production.

Leun of Twitter User/YouTuber reports the state of Bankara immediately after the end of the festival. According to his posted images, the city has trucks, pile-loaded equipment, and trash. In addition, garbage bags packed in cardboard are placed everywhere, creating a feeling of after the festival. In addition to Leun, several other people witnessed clearing out. Immediately after the end of the festival, I was checking the object to be cleaned up. It can be said that the festival of Splatoon feels like a real festival.

The interesting thing is that the Bangkara Street after this cleanup is no longer seen. Currently, even if the festival is launched the eve of Splatoon 3, the results will be announced, but you will not be able to walk around Bankara. The game is forced to terminate. In Japan, the end of the eve was at 21:00 on August 28, and shortly after that, it seems that only those who started the game as a lingering sound could have witnessed it. It was a rare production that only limited people could see.

Nevertheless, if a festival is implemented in the product version, it will not be rare to see such a production because there is no start-up restriction. Nevertheless, it seems to be Splatoon, which is attractive to the overwhelming world view. By bringing the same phenomenon as the reality of cleaning up after the festival, it is immersive. You may even feel an enlightenment message, Clean up after the festival. Users who have encountered this scene seem to be able to brag a little until the rearranging in the product version.

Splatoon 3 will be released on September 9th. At the end of the festival, the official Twitter account commented on the mechanisms of the pros and cons, I will continue to improve after the release.

Head & Bones: Ubisoft releases puree, computer functions in an epic video clip

-Game servers: physical web servers and high-performance cloud web servers will certainly match themselves during high task comes to a head in order to maximize as well as decrease the waiting time of gamers desiring to attach to the game. Ubisoft are situated in North and South America, Europe, Asia, South Africa and Oceania.

Ubisoft takes benefit of Gamescom 2022 to offer some details on the PC version of the game, the famous Superior Edition. Several choices that justify having waited so long to see the game go out. Ubisoft has additionally made a large video to highlight these Computer features, with large font style that is displayed in the middle of the screen, dynamic editing and enhancing as well as epic music.

-Resolution 4K and also HDR compatibility enabling to be entirely submersed in the game experience.
-an opened refresh price enabling to profit from maximum fluidness as well as a latency decreased to a minimum particularly during marine battles.
-The scaling photos providing superior quality images as well as a thorough gameplay many thanks to the Ray Tracing, the DLSS and the FSR.
-Ansed personalization of the settings enabling to customize the alternatives in the advanced entrance parameters in order to provide the very best feasible game experience.

-Anti-triche systems: The Battleye anti-triche system will analyze the game in actual time as well as definitively ban the players from the initial crime or when cheating to obtain an unfair advantage has actually been spotted.
Skull as well as Bones is dedicated to using top quality graphics as well as setups to the computer gamers neighborhood. The total listing of technological details will be unveiled throughout Gamescom, starting on August 24.

Ubisoft takes advantage of Gamescom 2022 to provide some information on the PC version of the game, the renowned Superior Version. Many alternatives that justify having waited so long to see the game go out. Ubisoft has actually additionally made a huge video clip to highlight these Computer functions, with huge font style that is shown in the center of the display, dynamic editing and enhancing and also epic music.


-Tools for gamers: In order to offer a well balanced experience, gamers will be dispersed over different servers according to their degree of infamy and their PVP preferences. They can also report or obstruct various other players in case of poor actions in the game.

The medieval Pentiment journey game will be released on November 15



Developed by Obsidian Enjoyment, Pentiment does not highlight his unusual graphic style. With these arts of living lighting, the game takes us without trouble in the 16th century Haute-Bavaria. Immersed in the midst of a German Roman Realm, you will adhere to Andreas Maller Youthful gifted illustrator. He discovers himself, even with himself, absorbed a collection of murders as well as scandals within the Abbey of Kiersau. All, over a duration of 25 years. Of course, over the scrolling years, the lead characters who border him will certainly advance, and he alone will finally be able to uncover the assassin.

Revealed throughout the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, the project of Josh Sawyerpentimentsees its release date confirmed for November 15, 2022. The narrative adventure game will be readily available on computer, Xbox One as well as Xbox Collection, without forgetting its existence in the game Pass.

Pentiment characteristics

Thus, your choices will certainly form his identification as much in his lifestyle as in his level of education, which will necessarily have an impact on his method of performing the examination. Beware, due to the fact that your decisions will most frequently create permanent influence.

Bruno Fernandes lets Manunited cheer at Casemiros debut

From the financial institution following to its old, new team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo, Manunited’s most recent newcomer Casemiro saw a balanced video game.

Bella Kotchaap prevents and forgive


So the very first goal should just be racked up in the second round: a strong mix of Sancho and Co. Opulent Bruno Fernandes practically requiring with his objective right into the much corner (55. ). The response after eleven minutes protected against de Gea versus Aribo with an excellent response.

Sometimes the hosts from Southampton had much more video game shares, occasionally the Red Devils, which had been unchanged versus Liverpool, were practically in the lead in the 19th min contrasted to the 2-1 win versus Liverpool. Even since of Bella Kotchaap, the visitors did not put the sphere in the goal during a five-time possibility. The ex-Bochumer was likewise right away before the opposing goal, but was granted from a short range (31st).

Casemiro’s very first usage

Ultimately, the Red Devils brought the result against the last effective Saints in time, likewise due to the fact that Dalot blocked a loss back from Mara in front of the line (90. +4).

The lead ought to be defended-and so Erik 10 Hag Defensive Annoy Casemiro still made his launching (80th).

Soul Hackers 2 advice and tricks

If it is not enough to be a role-playing game with deep mechanics, Soul Hackers 2 is also a by-product of the Megami Tensei franchise. Combine them, and you will get a rather complex game that will make the veterans scratch the back of the head.

Below are some tips and techniques that you can remember before starting the game. This will help you better understand your environment, especially during the battles.

Select the right difficulty

Soul Hackers 2 offers three levels of complexity: light, medium and complex. For most players, normal complexity is perfect. It is a decent challenge, but not as tiring as a complex level of complexity.

However, if it seems to you that the normal complexity is too complicated and takes a lot of time, it is not a shame to choose a slight difficulty. Ultimately, you should enjoy playing on your chosen complexity. So, choose the difficulty that suits you!

At the same time, note that you need to defeat the final boss on a high complexity in order to unlock the trophy/achievement of the hardcore hacker. Therefore, the finalists will not have any other choice, except to play the game in complex mode.

Pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of enemies

Soul Hackers 2 has a system of elements similar to the Pokemon system, where each enemy is subjected to a certain attack depending on their proximity. These connections can be stable, neutral or weak in relation to a certain type of attack.

For example, some enemies can be weak for attacks with a sword, but resistant to shots. Thus, approaching each battle with knowledge of the weakness of your enemy, you can make it much easier and protect yourself from disappointment.

Some enemies also have a weak place in which additional damage can be inflicted. A blow to the weak place of the enemy will cause demons in the background. As soon as your moves are performed, the demons will conduct a shabash, which will inflict additional damage to the enemy.

The amount of additional damage applied depends on the number of demons appearing in the background, which, in turn, depends on how many times you hit the enemy in his weak place.

Pay attention to the skills of your command Comp


As previously discussed, each enemy you encounter will have weakness or resistance to certain elements. Your task is to use the weaknesses of the enemy. You can equip one demon for each member of the group, so choose your COMP skills wisely.

Keep in mind that you have only 4 members of the group. Therefore, at the same time, you cannot have attacks to which all demons are weak. Just try to continue to use the elements that are the weakness of those enemies that cause you trouble. You will have a limited amount of money, so it is important to get the right skills.

In addition, try that at least one member of your group is always a healer. This will save your life in many sites with clutch. In addition, do not forget to contact all your allies equally, this will help very much with your soul glasses.

Use your soul glasses

As soon as you accumulate soul glasses for a certain teammate, you will get access to the dungeons of the soul matrix for this teammate. The completion of these dungeons will give you unique skills for each of your allies. These skills can be very useful, so be careful when you open the dungeon of the soul matrix for one of your teammates.

there is always a good food lover

Food mechanics in Soul Hackers 2 allows you to give a variety of food to your teammates, but it is important that you give them food that imposes a good food buff to help in the dungeons.

You can buy new food by exploring new regions, but do not be mistaken, a good buff of food will help you in battle.

Buy useful items as much as possible

Reserves of objects are never bad. Who knows when any of these items can come in handy? These items can help revive the fallen ally or get new demons, since most demons need an object when you are trying to recruit them.

Wild Arms and Shadow Hearts creators come together in Kickstarter

For years it is known that some video game developers take advantage of the Kickstarter platform to finance their projects, this thanks to the collaboration of the interested parties. And now, two great creators such as Akifumi Kaneko (Wild Arms) and Matsuzo Machida (Shadow Hearts) have joined in a double campaign of the page.

This will allow fans to support two different games, this can be A Armed Fantasia from Kaneko or Penny Blood from Machida, which are different proposals and that promise a lot. It is worth mentioning that players can opt for one or both projects, and will clearly have benefits if they decide to be sponsors of the games.

Armed Fantasia and Penny Blood will share a mutual goal of $ 750,000, which will finance both games.


Here the statements of both through an interview:

We will divide the financing based on the amount supported, so it will not be a 50/50 for the initial objective.

However, if we achieve that initial objective, the expectation is that enough people see the campaign and be interested in the content that both titles will eventually work well enough to admit the minimum of content necessary to make a good game.

The central connective fabric is that both are games that JRPG fans love. It is difficult to say how many people both played, but when combining the games in a campaign, the goal is to raise awareness about the titles.

None has been as popular as Final Fantasy, so they are two creators who help each other in an effort to achieve success.

The campaign is launched nextAugust 29 *. And as already mentioned, one or both games can be supported.

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