Each team normally has its own collaborations in regards to peripherals (headphones in particular). Is it difficult to have to adapt to these new tools after an adjustment of group, like the one you simply experienced?

They were all disappointed, which is normal, however they recognized just how to swiftly forget this failing to concentrate on the future, the Summer Split and the credentials for the Worlds.

The helmet (H6Pro) is really very comfortable as well as has a really wonderful style. Its convenience allows you to play over a long time and also the personalized audio for the video game with the outside audio card GSX 300 makes the experience really enjoyable.

Mad Lions, twice labelled in 2021, did not get the play-offs of the LEC of the Spring Split 2022. How was the state of mind of the group when you arrive, hereafter big failing?

The break did me good on a personal as well as professional level. I was likewise able to take a fairly frantic pause of the competition.

You were required to relax during the Spring Split 2022. This is the very first time that you have not played in a segment considering that you joined Fnatic Academy, at the end of 2016. Since this break is finished, do you think she declared for you? Or do you be sorry for not having been able to sign a new agreement directly last November?

Can you tell us in more information regarding the audio tools you make use of at Mad Lions?

We use EPOS helmets throughout our training. It is very normal that events offer standard equipment which must be utilized by all gamers and we for that reason just play, regrettably, with the equipment offered by the coordinators for competitors.

extra usually, do you make use of the same helmet for all your practices associated with computer game (training, suit, streams, any type of other games on your free time, and so on) or do you use Different material within Mad Lions as well as at house?


On the other hand, our training can be a lot longer than the time we actually invest in stage for a suit. It is consequently really important to have accessibility to comfy and qualitative devices in time during these sessions and also which allow us to offer the very best in optimum problems to ensure that we can do the same when these are less.

It is really essential to be able to obtain along. Communication plays a key function in the expert method of League of Legends . It is likewise very vital that the tools fits since we use our headgear 5 to 8 hrs a day, a minimum of. As well as the EPOS safety helmets are very comfortable, so it’s actually a good idea. The microphone additionally plays an important role. After obtaining the H6Pro headsets from EPOS, I could see a genuine distinction in the clarity of our communications with each other. And this excellent transmission of details in the video game is crucial, because even if we are alongside each other, we do not truly manage. It’s really a very essential tool for us.

this can you inform us regarding the significance of earphones in your expert player in League of Legends? Exactly how does it impact your performance, concretely?

In your home, we have at our disposal the exact same H6Pro safety helmet and the same exterior sound card as at the training facility, for our personal usage. And also even if I do not constantly utilize a helmet, I really like the tidy style as well as the comfort of the headgear. In addition, the black version goes effectively with the configuration I contend house and it is constantly a pleasure to utilize it.

What are your goals for Summer Split?

You were required to take a break during the Spring Split 2022. Its comfort allows you to play over a long time and also the customizable sound for the game with the exterior sound card GSX 300 makes the experience extremely positive. At house, we have at our disposal the exact same H6Pro helmet and also the very same exterior sound card as at the training center, for our personal usage. As well as also if I don’t always make use of a helmet, I truly like the tidy design as well as the convenience of the safety helmet. And also the EPOS headgears are really comfy, so it’s actually a good thing.

Make the very best possible result during the Summer Split to be able to get the Worlds.