Among all the characters that will be launching during the upcoming variation 3.0 (2.9) of Genshin Effect, the players will formally introduce the Sumeru region, Nahida , that formally during the Sumeru Preview Teaser 03: Prelude to Wisdom of the game has been offered as one of the most mystical. Against this history as well as to make sure that you await the arrival of Sumeru, you will locate everything we understand about Nahida, including your aspect, your rarity as well as your publication day.

Who is Nahida?

According to lots of credible leakers like Blank, Nahida’s true identity is that of the existing Dendro archor, Kusanali, likewise recognized as Lesser Lord Kusanali. Nahida is likewise the one that speaks to the vacationer at the end of the Summer season Odyssey event.

With the kind consent of the popular leaker Space, you can take a complete consider your in-game model below:

Genshin Influence: Will Nahida end up being a 4-or 5-star gamer?

According to several leakers, Nahida/Kusanali will be a 5-star dendro stimulant user, no additional details concerning her set and function were leaked with, however numerous suspect that she can be a support.


When will Nahida be released?

Genshin effect is presently offered for computer, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and mobile devices-Android and also iOS. Variation 3.0 (2.9) of the video game ought to appear in less than 16 days, mid-August 2022.

According to many trustworthy leakers like Space, Nahida’s real identification is that of the present Dendro archor, Kusanali, additionally recognized as Lesser Lord Kusanali. Not much is known regarding her individuality, except for the truth that she will certainly be incredibly friendly and socially taken out. Nahida is likewise the one that talks to the vacationer at the end of the Summer Odyssey event.

Since you know everything that is dripped in relation to Nahida/Kusanali, do not neglect to briefly review of all the Sumeru personalities that are peeled/uncovered and also everything we understand about the Fatui Harbinger Dottore that will certainly be the main challenger, to take a look at the Sumeru phase of the video game.

According to Saveyourprimos, Nahida/Kusanali is to be released throughout variation 3.2 of the game. Against this background, it is necessary to mention that variation 3.1 of the video game according to Saveyourprimos will have the launching of the 5-star user Hydro SWord * Nilu 5-star carrier of the electrical rod tool Kyno and also 4-star hydro rod equipment Candace *.