Starting the upper playoffs we have a rematch of the final of the Opening Tournament, Estral faces Team Aze to determine the first team that will advance, on the one hand the pharaohs have had a fairly solid tournament on the other the Aces have failed to have the impact They would like and now they will have to get their improvement strategies to make their opponents fall.

In the first game we see an approach to use Taliyah in the hands of Bugi to leave the current leaders of the table comfort, playing with a quick style and effective ambush the pharaohs team maintains calm in the confrontation to take Important casualties that gave it an advantage that would not release during the game to take the match to the bag.

For the second map the pressure generated Mireu in the central part managed Team that shows the pharaohs, a complicated situation for the champion of the Opening League that ends up falling before Estral.

With a third map that could be the end of aze they take a lee without in the hands of Dimitry that ended up being canceled with the Wukong of Bugi that comes out with great presence in the crack and that manages to be a nightmare for the rivals to have great management of the objectives together with the heralds that open the stage, with team fights that are well executed by the pharaohs to end the series.

A sweet revenge with a 3-0 that demonstrates the great quality of the Pharaoh team and that gives them a chance to be in a single series of being able to reach the great face-to-face final, a very neat game that they show during this confrontation and now they are Thinking about the following week where they will fight against the rainbow or sharks.