In Tower of Fantasy, players can experience a diverse menu for creating characters. This allows players to fully configure their character based on references to a popular culture. In the same way, there are countless stops that players can choose to resemble their favorite characters from anime. Naturally, fans are wondering if they can add naruto presets to Tower of Fantasy. The answer is yes, and here’s how you can do it in the game.

All the presets of Naruto’s characters in Tower of Fantasy

Naruto Uzumaki

* Image identifier : 271677

Hinata Hyuga

* Image identifier : 38

Sasuke Uchiha

Image of the image of gray clothing *: 1012
Image identifier in white clothes *: 21736

Itachi Uchiha

* Image identifier : 175917

Kakashi Hataka

* Image identifier : 256630

Yahiko (pain)

* Image identifier : 6157


Red hair Nagato ID IMPLOW: * 29662
White hair Nagato ID images: * 940779

Minato Namikadze

* Image identifier : 145744

How to add characters for Tower of Fantasy

Players can add and change the elders of characters directly on the screen of the lobby. Click on presets the option is in the upper right corner. After the entrance, you can enter Image identifier or select various designs from popular section. Keep your favorite designs and add them to favorites to get access to them later.

As soon as you enter the game, enter the appearance system and you will find outfits option in the backpack. Choose lobby Scroll to your Selected presets and click Copy the character identifier. Follow this method to easily change the appearance of your character in Tower of Fantasy. In order for the codes to work, the players should have a male avatar for male preinstalled codes and a female avatar for female preinstalled codes. If you get a pop-up message that the code cannot be imported, try to switch to the right floor of the avatar to solve the problem!

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