A computer laboratory is a training room necessary for the start of the archeology course in the Two Point campus. It also serves as a room that meets the requirements of students when they need to complete their classes and tasks.


The next management will give you a brief overview of the computer laboratory in the Two Point campus.

how to unlock a computer laboratory

A computer laboratory becomes affordable when you reach the University of Mitton, the third campus in the game. To start managing Mitton University, you will need to raise the rating of your campus to one star on Piazza Lanatra.

Requirements for the computer class

To create a computer laboratory requires 26,700 US dollars with a minimum 4 × 4 room.

You will also need a qualified teacher for classes. Please note that the computer class holds a maximum of eight students.

In addition, you must add a white board, a computer and a console to complete your computer laboratory.

You can choose from various types, deciding which computer and console add to the laboratory. However, they differ in cost. It is best to start with analog computers and consoles and update them when you have enough money.

  • Analog computer: costs $ 20,000.
  • Digital computer: increases training by 5% and costs $ 35,000.
  • Supercomputer: it increases learning by 10% and costs $ 50,000.

  • Analog console: costs $ 1,500.

  • Digital console: increases learning capacity by 1% and costs $ 3,500.
  • Super Console: Increases training by 2% and costs $ 6,000.

The best items of a computer laboratory


Tips for working with a computer

  • Computer laboratory is a mandatory requirement for the course of archeology. If you use several excavation sites, you will probably need more computer laboratories. Therefore, save on this.
  • Think about from the very beginning to create a large computer laboratory in order to place decor and other items that increase the characteristics.
  • Focus on the hygiene by placing nearby garbage tanks, trading machines and bathrooms. Add the sink to the laboratory.