Unreal engines have emphasized the same graphics such as Matrix Awagken and Etchu Dymon Railway Station. But you can also create an atmosphere that looks like a 3D animation going up to the theater.

Visual Group Airborne Studio, which has supported a number of 3D games such as Overwatch and Fortnite, presented its own IP prototype named after its name. The video, which is two minutes and 20 seconds, is a visual prototype that Airborn Studio declared a project rebuilding.

The video, which was produced using Unreal Engine 5 based on its own worldview, contains the story of a young protagonist with a dreamy floating island. In particular, the video shows a variety of flight actions that spread between the islands floating in the sky and the urgent movement of a child chased by someone.


Along with natural movements and expressions, various surrounding environmental elements are also noticeable. The detailed elements such as the shaking shaking in the wind, the scattered snow and the hair of the animals that are moving in the movement are realistically expressed. In addition, all of the airborne prototypes, which are composed of actual trailers, were all produced in real-time assets.

Airborne Studio has expanded its team from the Best Art category in the Eksum Sing Unreal Contest 2008. Since then, rather than developing a game, it has been visually supportive for game development, including concept art, 3D art, 3D environment and level art, 3D characters and level work in in-game. The support game also provided several resources to large games with Blizzard Overwatch, Crash Bandy 4, and Fortnite.

Epic Games emphasized more realistic graphics through Unreal Engine 5 Early access videos and tech demos linked to the Matrix Restriction. In particular, the design of the history of the history of the history of the 3D artist Lorenzo Drago has attracted great interest with the real details. However, a soft game is also being developed, such as the Kena Bridge of Spirit, developed by the airborne’s showcase and the Kena Bridge of Spirit, developed by the animation producer Amber Lab.