A new game hardware Mega Drive Mini 2, which includes a lot of games that appeared on Mega Drive and Mega CDs and miniated Mega Drive 2, will be released on October 27 of this year.

The lineup scheduled to be recorded in this Mega Drive Mini 2 has been revealed sequentially. The last distribution program, Mega Drive Mini 2, will be held on August 19. A new lineup including the annual secret frame has been released.

Until now, the secret slot has been announced one for one announcement, but this time, this frame alone has announced six + 1 recording. In addition, we will deliver a full lineup of recording titles.

■ Many phantom software in the secret frame!

The first secret frame was announced in Super Roco Motive, which was released for arcade in 1982. Since it is an arcade game that appeared further back than the release of the mega drive, it will be the first time to play with this recording. The BGM cannot be reproduced, and uses Ryzeen of Oriental Magnetic Yellow.

Next, it was announced that Partary Is MEGA Q 2022 will be recorded. This is the first new version that has been replaced with all the problems during the work based on Partary Is MEGA Q recorded in Mega Drive Mini.

In addition, it will also include Partary Is SEGA Q which can be said to be another version of Partary Is MEGA Q. Here, all the problems are Sega-related, which is a new stimulus and challenge to give to Sega fans.

There is also an announcement that the unreleased title Dabitopi will be released for the first time in Japan. This is an action game produced by Takashi Iizuka, known for the Sonic series, during the newcomer training era. At that time, although the story progressed in the direction of release, it was in the store, but this time we finally looked at the eyes of the day.

The fifth secret frame is Futari Puyo Puyo Sun. Puyo Puyo Sun, which started with arcade and appeared on many models such as Sega Saturn, was not released for megadrives at the time (Puyo Puyo Dori was released).

However, this time, Puyo Puyo Sun has become a game exclusively for competition mode, and it has been decided to be recorded under the name Two Puyo Puyo Sun. Puyo Puyo SUN is exclusively for competition, and new rules will be recorded for the first time in the mega drive.

It is Space Harrier II that decorates the secret frame. It will appear as a new version that adds and reduced Space Harrier II in the previous machine Megadoramini. In addition, the first Space Harrier, which adds this enlarged shrinkage, is also included. This is the first Mega Drive version, although there is a 32X version in the first generation.

Mega Drive Mini 2, which is found from unprecedented large amounts of secret frames, is, of course, works that colored mega drives at the time are also added to the lineup. As with previous announcements, 10 new recording has been revealed.

[New recording work announced this time]

・ Star Cruiser
・ Night Trap
・ Magical Girl Silky Lip
・ Granada
・ Exlanzer
・ New Century Laguna Senti
・ Midnight Resistance
・ Chernob
・ Flame fighting ball Dodge bullet flat
・ Captain Tsubasa

・ Super Rocomotive
・ Partary Is MEGA Q 2022
・ Partary Is SEGA Q
・ Divitopi
・ Two people Puyo Puyo Sun
・ Space Harrier II
・ Space Harrier

So far, 44 recorded titles have been announced, and this time 10 + 6 + α (first Space Harrier) has been revealed, and Mega Drive Mini 2 on 60 large platforms. The masterpiece lineup is noticeable, not Sega fans.

In addition, the North American version of SEGA GENESIS MINI 2 has shown some movements that cannot be overlooked before the release, such as starting reservations for Amazon only. If you want to play immediately after the release, make a reservation now.