[CEO Cho Park Ye-jin reporter] Kakao Games (CEO Cho Gye-hyun) confirmed the BI (brand identity) of the global new work, Ever Soul, and released a new illustration on the 22nd.

The game name ‘Ever Soul’ means ‘eternal immortal soul’ that does not change over time, and the souls who watched the human rise and fall in the various creations (objects) born from human civilization are the new called ‘spirit’ It symbolically expressed the worldview that lives in life.

The illustration released together contains the fact that the narrative of the game begins in earnest. It depicts the immediate moment when the ark appeared on the way against the enemies invading the world of the spirits, and the first meeting of the main character, the Savior and the Spirit, took place.


‘Ever Soul’, which is being developed by Nine Arc (CEO Lee) to launch the second half of the year, is a mobile role-playing game (RPG) of the fantasy worldview, and collects and nurtures 3D graphics beautiful girl characters in the background of the world where spirits live after human destruction It can be d1. You can deeply interact with the characters collected through the content.

Ever Soul has attracted attention since its first game video at G-Star 2021 has been popular with high-quality graphics and character illustrations.

Nine Arc consists of developers who have been a career for more than 10 years in the field of PC online and mobile game development, including Monarch Online, Atlantica, and Hero’s Legion.

Meanwhile, Kakao Games plans to accelerate the final improvement of Ever Soul’s official service in the second half of this year.