The Internet service provider NURO Hikari will be announced on the official Twitter that increase in data increased due to online game updates, etc., which may be difficult to connect. I posted. It seems to be the influence of the large update of Final Fantasy XIV (hereinafter FF14) held on the same day. The tweet has been severely said, focusing on those who have been dissatisfied with the line speed for some time.

When updating online titles, NURO Hikari posts such tweets is not limited to this time. The tweet of similar words was seen around 2021 and regularly announced during the large-scale update of the popular online title. In particular, the announcement was often posted during the update of APEX LEGENDS, and the announcement was also posted when Season 14 opened on August 10.

This time, NURO Hikari posted the announcement that was likely to be when the FF14 update, but among some players, FF14 producer and director Naoki Yoshida are not related to the remarks. Some voices imagined. This is because Yoshida complained about a certain Japanese provider on the live broadcast of FF14, which was distributed on August 12. He does not name NURO Hikari, but states his opinion that it is not enough to invest in capital or intentionally throws down packets.

Originally, in FF14, there were many dissatisfaction with domestic players about the connection status since the release of patch 6.1. On April 26, a topic of FFXIV line delay and packet loss confirmation and information provision was released, and a dedicated information form for line delays and packet loss was set up. The 72nd Producer Letter LIVE also indicated that the data gathered in this form and the data collected by Yoshida himself to deliver opinions to the provider.

Meanwhile, the announcement published from NURO Hikari was almost the same wording as the update of Apex Legends, which seemed to be the opposite of the player’s nerves. At the beginning of FFXIV Patch 6.2 Forbidden Memory Patch Note Reading Society broadcast from 15:00 on August 23, Mr. Yoshida touched on this tweet and FF14 I don’t think it’s just what I’m saying, but… 。

NURO Hikari is currently conducting the Nuro Reduction Festival in Midsummer. It is a great campaign where the first year’s monthly fee is 980 yen, and the cancellation fee of other companies is reduced by up to 20,000 yen. On the other hand, there are also voices saying that it may be difficult to say that the line status is stable as such measures can be attracted to new customers. Not only FF14 and APEX LEGENDS, there are many things that require online environments in recent years, and playing on unstable lines is a source of stress. For NURO Hikari users, it will be hoped to provide stable Internet lines in the future, as well as urgent line recovery.

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