Teslagrad 2-Bande-announcement.

More self-publishing on the program, this time around the Norwegian workshop has added the services of Method Gamings, for a getaway in spring 2023 on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Collection X | S and Xbox One.

Visuals attracted by hand, a lot more licked steampunk cosmos, the very same electrical polarization system which allows to connect with the environment many thanks to electromagnetism: it is certain, Teslagrad will certainly have an extension in connection. The heroine named Lumina appears, nevertheless, gifted with unpublished powers, such as the capacity to change itself right into an electric arc to be able todasherwith a precipice or be driven by an electric wire within range.

Two years after being discreetly announced by Rain Games on its main site, Teslagrad 2 was more outlined last evening throughout the Gamescom’s future game show. The possibility to see that the advancement group, unmodified because the initial part, however released in 2013, upgraded some principles while maintaining the significance of the Puzzle system video game which had been very successful.



If the idea was really timeless ten years earlier, while myriads of video games blending system as well as challenge came out following the success of Braid, Teslagrad 2 will have to do with the lack of competition in a now rare style. With two million copies offered for the initial part, the workshop is concentrating on players to plunge right into the so unique world of the franchise.