G1 Play Ground (formerly Ji-won-in-A Room), which received attention as a ‘trick art dungeon’ in the Monument Valley style and ‘Gelter’, a dot zombie survival game, will be Steam on the 29th. It is released through.

‘Huzhu?’ Is an online multiplayer psychological party game, which has a kind of mafia game rules that find real players among the same NPCs as the players’ characters.


Players should act similarly to NPCs and be careful not to see their identity to other players. At the same time, you need to perform a mission given in different modes or find and out other players. While observing other characters, you can also be attacked behind, so you can’t let go of tension.

In the release version, a total of four game modes will be provided. Where are you all? (Solo), police and thieves (teams), bombs (solo exhibitions), find opposing teams (team), and different purposes and items in maps with various themes such as forests, warehouses, ruins, and subway stations. You will play the game through.

More information about the game can be found on the official Steam page.