If it is not enough to be a role-playing game with deep mechanics, Soul Hackers 2 is also a by-product of the Megami Tensei franchise. Combine them, and you will get a rather complex game that will make the veterans scratch the back of the head.

Below are some tips and techniques that you can remember before starting the game. This will help you better understand your environment, especially during the battles.

Select the right difficulty

Soul Hackers 2 offers three levels of complexity: light, medium and complex. For most players, normal complexity is perfect. It is a decent challenge, but not as tiring as a complex level of complexity.

However, if it seems to you that the normal complexity is too complicated and takes a lot of time, it is not a shame to choose a slight difficulty. Ultimately, you should enjoy playing on your chosen complexity. So, choose the difficulty that suits you!

At the same time, note that you need to defeat the final boss on a high complexity in order to unlock the trophy/achievement of the hardcore hacker. Therefore, the finalists will not have any other choice, except to play the game in complex mode.

Pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of enemies

Soul Hackers 2 has a system of elements similar to the Pokemon system, where each enemy is subjected to a certain attack depending on their proximity. These connections can be stable, neutral or weak in relation to a certain type of attack.

For example, some enemies can be weak for attacks with a sword, but resistant to shots. Thus, approaching each battle with knowledge of the weakness of your enemy, you can make it much easier and protect yourself from disappointment.

Some enemies also have a weak place in which additional damage can be inflicted. A blow to the weak place of the enemy will cause demons in the background. As soon as your moves are performed, the demons will conduct a shabash, which will inflict additional damage to the enemy.

The amount of additional damage applied depends on the number of demons appearing in the background, which, in turn, depends on how many times you hit the enemy in his weak place.

Pay attention to the skills of your command Comp


As previously discussed, each enemy you encounter will have weakness or resistance to certain elements. Your task is to use the weaknesses of the enemy. You can equip one demon for each member of the group, so choose your COMP skills wisely.

Keep in mind that you have only 4 members of the group. Therefore, at the same time, you cannot have attacks to which all demons are weak. Just try to continue to use the elements that are the weakness of those enemies that cause you trouble. You will have a limited amount of money, so it is important to get the right skills.

In addition, try that at least one member of your group is always a healer. This will save your life in many sites with clutch. In addition, do not forget to contact all your allies equally, this will help very much with your soul glasses.

Use your soul glasses

As soon as you accumulate soul glasses for a certain teammate, you will get access to the dungeons of the soul matrix for this teammate. The completion of these dungeons will give you unique skills for each of your allies. These skills can be very useful, so be careful when you open the dungeon of the soul matrix for one of your teammates.

there is always a good food lover

Food mechanics in Soul Hackers 2 allows you to give a variety of food to your teammates, but it is important that you give them food that imposes a good food buff to help in the dungeons.

You can buy new food by exploring new regions, but do not be mistaken, a good buff of food will help you in battle.

Buy useful items as much as possible

Reserves of objects are never bad. Who knows when any of these items can come in handy? These items can help revive the fallen ally or get new demons, since most demons need an object when you are trying to recruit them.