For years it is known that some video game developers take advantage of the Kickstarter platform to finance their projects, this thanks to the collaboration of the interested parties. And now, two great creators such as Akifumi Kaneko (Wild Arms) and Matsuzo Machida (Shadow Hearts) have joined in a double campaign of the page.

This will allow fans to support two different games, this can be A Armed Fantasia from Kaneko or Penny Blood from Machida, which are different proposals and that promise a lot. It is worth mentioning that players can opt for one or both projects, and will clearly have benefits if they decide to be sponsors of the games.

Armed Fantasia and Penny Blood will share a mutual goal of $ 750,000, which will finance both games.


Here the statements of both through an interview:

We will divide the financing based on the amount supported, so it will not be a 50/50 for the initial objective.

However, if we achieve that initial objective, the expectation is that enough people see the campaign and be interested in the content that both titles will eventually work well enough to admit the minimum of content necessary to make a good game.

The central connective fabric is that both are games that JRPG fans love. It is difficult to say how many people both played, but when combining the games in a campaign, the goal is to raise awareness about the titles.

None has been as popular as Final Fantasy, so they are two creators who help each other in an effort to achieve success.

The campaign is launched nextAugust 29 *. And as already mentioned, one or both games can be supported.