The eve of Splatoon 3 ended at 21:00 on August 28. The festival before the release was over, but it was reported that the rearranging production had occurred immediately after the end of the festival. It seems that some people have encountered rare events.

The eve of the Splatoon 3 is an event where you can experience the game before the release. It was divided into three areas: Europe, the United States, Japan and Oceania, and enjoyed a 12-hour festival for each region. Various contents are available, such as tutorials, town walking, festival voting, and weapons testing, and Nawabari Battle and Tricara Battle. As a result, the Goo team won, and the festival was a great success. Immediately after the end, I guess some people were immersed in the lingering sound, but it seems that cleaning up was implemented in the game.

In the Splatoon series, festivals are regularly implemented, and the city is a festival specification. People’s fuss and neon lights glow, and radio personality dances. It will be a festival. If the time is over, it will be restored. It is the usual fashionable (relatively) quiet cityscape. And in Splatoon 3, it is said that after the festival, there is a cleanup production.

Leun of Twitter User/YouTuber reports the state of Bankara immediately after the end of the festival. According to his posted images, the city has trucks, pile-loaded equipment, and trash. In addition, garbage bags packed in cardboard are placed everywhere, creating a feeling of after the festival. In addition to Leun, several other people witnessed clearing out. Immediately after the end of the festival, I was checking the object to be cleaned up. It can be said that the festival of Splatoon feels like a real festival.

The interesting thing is that the Bangkara Street after this cleanup is no longer seen. Currently, even if the festival is launched the eve of Splatoon 3, the results will be announced, but you will not be able to walk around Bankara. The game is forced to terminate. In Japan, the end of the eve was at 21:00 on August 28, and shortly after that, it seems that only those who started the game as a lingering sound could have witnessed it. It was a rare production that only limited people could see.

Nevertheless, if a festival is implemented in the product version, it will not be rare to see such a production because there is no start-up restriction. Nevertheless, it seems to be Splatoon, which is attractive to the overwhelming world view. By bringing the same phenomenon as the reality of cleaning up after the festival, it is immersive. You may even feel an enlightenment message, Clean up after the festival. Users who have encountered this scene seem to be able to brag a little until the rearranging in the product version.

Splatoon 3 will be released on September 9th. At the end of the festival, the official Twitter account commented on the mechanisms of the pros and cons, I will continue to improve after the release.