In Tower of Fantasy, wanderers throughout their journey will find various materials that are used to improve weapons. Some of these items can be obtained simply by studying, while others are difficult to find. Firecore, Icecore, Magcore and Rockcore are some of the nuclei of the elements that you will find in Tower of Fantasy. In the same way, rare ores are higher versions of these elementary nuclei. Heart of Summit in Tower of Fantasy is one of the materials to improve weapons, and you can get it in several ways. Here’s how to get Heart of Summit in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get the heart of the top in Tower of Fantasy?

The heart of the summit A rare ore, for the forging of which a special Omnium technology is required. These are more rare versions of Rockcore, and you can get Heart of Summit by collecting elementary and crystal ores . In the same way, you can Fuse Four Rocks to get the heart of the top. Visit your backpack and Fuse Rockcores to get Hear of Summit. These rare ores have a higher cleanliness of elements and are used to improve Gryvus weapons.

Players can also find the heart of the top by defeating Hippo enemies. These enemies can be found in places marked with white circles in the image above. You can also buy Heart of Summit in a weapon store in exchange for two black gold . However, you need to achieve wanderer level 35 to unlock the heart of winter in a weapon store. A weapon similar to chakra of the seas as well as Nightingen feather require Rockcores and Hearts of Summit to improve to higher levels. We recommend stocking Rockcores before converting them into Hearts of Summit to quickly improve weapons.

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