The artificial island 1.5 is the first update of Tower of Fantasy, which brings a lot of new content. This patch will provide you with an island for research, fulfilling missions, building your own home, fighting enemies and much more. This is a lot, but we did not even mention the new dangerous Dragon boss! To unlock the new island, you need to go through chapter 2 and reach a level above 55. But about everything in order: when can we expect an artificial island of 1.5 update?


What is the release date of the artificial island 1.5 in Tower of Fantasy?

Official Date of Refresh exit Artificial Island 1.5-September 15, 2022 . Games developers are very active because they are trying to give players new opportunities. In addition to the artificial island, you can soon expect an expansion of Vera for Tower of Fantasy. It seems that the introduction of new content in such a short time is associated with the idea of giving players the global version what already exists in the Chinese version of TOF.

What is new in artificial island 1.5 in Tower of Fantasy?

There are many things that need to be unpacked, so these are the main things that the update of Artificial Island 1.5 brings to Tower of Fantasy:

System of Houses on Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy

  • This patch will make life easier for your wanderer, since now you can build a house. There are many house projects to choose from so that you can create unique housing. Now you will no longer be just a wanderer, you will be where to stop! You can get a well-deserved rest there, since there are many things, areas for research and enemies that you need to fight.
  • To unlock the home system in Tower of Fantasy, you need to find 10 developers, be 60-level and have an 840th level of research in the zone.

Interpromising Ice Fire Dragon in Tower of Fantasy

  • If you are looking for a complex battle with the boss, the artificial island of TOF will help you! Enter the interpromising dragon of ice fire, which will check your skills. If you succeed, you will receive excellent awards, so start preparing to clash this robot-dragon (or is it a wyvern?) Monster.

Simulacrum Claudia represents the artificial island of Tower of Fantasy

  • Claudia goes to the global version of Tower of Fantasy, but she is not a beginner in this game. It is already in the Chinese version, so we know that it is focused on the attack. Her weapon is a blade of Guren, which has a DPS resonance and a type of physical element.

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