Steel rising has several outfits to decorate your character. Each outfit in the game consists of several parts that can be found to assemble the whole kit to equip it.

Finding all the outfits in Steel rising will open the victim of fashion achievement. Please note that the outfits are purely cosmetic. There are no characteristics or bonuses in the game that could be obtained from any clothes in the game.

This manual tells about each location in the world of Steel rising that you can get into and get each part of each outfit.


The location of the equipment in Steel rising

Versailles is a point where players cannot return and make any changes. Before you get there, you need to study all the equipment in Steel rising, and this can be done by exploring the world of Steel rising, searing the areas in the following order.


Beta Policy: It can be found in the initial vestal, which you will reach in the area. From there, go down the stairs and continue to go directly into the past until you reach the region with two enemies. There you can find a chest with an object.

Mescalin Bicorn and Musician Coat: get to the lantern, and you will see a chest lying in front of you, which contains the aforementioned items.

Disabled House (first visit)

Muscle pants-culings, Mescalin shoes and tetras: Having reached the fire zone in Gross-Kayu, you will see the enemy at a distance. Get to the sublime platform where the enemy is located, and then get on a higher platform using a cart there. Use the highest ledge to enter the building and search the building to find a chest with objects.

Diane Breeches & Diane Shoes and Gaiters: Get to the last building, passing right through the disabled esplanade. You will find a chest on the lowest floor of the building.

Diane Kane and Diane Remington: Turn right from the suspension platform in the factory area. Get to the second building, first passing through the building. Climbing the stairs, get to the balcony of the building, and then, using the suspended platform, enter the next building where you can search a chest with the necessary objects.

Quadrille-kulota, shoes and quadrille leggings: When you visit the district of the house of disabled people for the second time, go through the wall from the balcony, and then go straight until you see the vestal. From this moment, break through the golden gate and enter the building in front to find a chest.

La Site

Citizen and pocketful cylinder: This chest can be found where you can win unstable butcher on Do fin Square.

Pants and sago Citizen: repair the gate opening lever and later get to Vestal.

La Router Carmagnole and cult trousers: Performing a side quest, insomnia You will find this chest.

Formal two-horned and sheepskin coat: During the line of the side quest Glory and dishonor You will fall into the secret headquarters where you will find a chest.


Grand Veneer & Treeing Grand Veneer: Having reached the fourth vestal, go through the golden gates that are on the right. The chest can be found, continuing to go directly in the same direction.

Grand Veneer culottes, Grand Veneer shoes and tetras: This chest can be found after unstable sculpture Fight with the boss next to the vestal.

Secret du ROI culottes and Secret du ROI shoes and tetras: Performing a Becker quest, use a label from non-habitable crews to get to the gate that you can destroy. The gates are leading to the palace of Fooleries, where you can find a quest.


Théâtre-Français Turban and Théâtre-Français Doublet: The chest can be found in the area with a building in the shape of a temple. You can get to this area by continuing the movement along the main path with which the area begins.

Noodle and coat Secret du ROI: Go to Dr. Commoner’s office, using a compass that you will find next to the vestal, which is activated after getting rid of the Luxembourg alchemist.

Pantyhose, shoes and sweaters Théâtre-Français: Get to the monastery of Cornelius and find a chest next to it.

Disabled House (second visit)

Cadrille-kulota, shoes and leggings: while you are performing a side quest, sources you will find a chest in the house of Eugene de Vokanson.

Triangle and dress truck: get to the upcoming Vestal after the destruction of the treasurer of the house of the disabled, where you will see a chest.

Mont mart

The hatter’s hat and the Mandarin’s sheepskin coat: The next chest can be found in the house of Marat, where there are bunk beds.

Cults Mandarin, Algae and Buskins: This chest is located in the enemies, where you will get after repairing the elevator in the Marat house.

Formal pants-culings, shoes and leggings: It can be found during the side of the side quest. Family business in the building Le Cite.

boutique outfits

Below is a list of outfits that you can get in any boutique.

  • Rochambeau coat
  • Rochambeau pants
  • Rochambeau shoes and tetras
  • Triangle Rochambeau
  • Bologna boots and tetras
  • Poling-culings pants
  • Policy From
  • Policy hat