Special weapons in Platoon 3 can be used to easily destroy opponents. Their only disadvantage is that you can use them for a limited time. This leadership tells about some of the best weapons in Platoon 3 and how you can use them to easily crush your opponents.

The best special weapon in Platoon 3

You can use this weapon only when filling out a special player scale. You are given a limited time to use special weapons in Platoon 3. The time of use of a certain weapon depends on the weapon.

Even if you die when using special weapons, you will resurrect with the remaining caliber. Deserves attention and reloading special weapons. You must make a somersault forward to replenish the inkwell of special weapons in Platoon 3.

Now let’s move on to our best list of special weapons in Platoon 3.

  • Tripura
  • Triple ink blow
  • Tent rocket
  • Hipster
  • Boy bomb
  • Destroyer of waves
  • Ink storm
  • Insider
  • Crab tank
  • Jet


Tripura is a very deadly weapon that guarantees murder in Platoon 3. With one shot, it throws out three drops of ink, which pass through any player, which he amazes, and when hitting the ground or surface, it paints a small area.

You can make about three shots from this unique weapon before the end of the timer.

triple ink blow

When using Triple Ink strike, you abandon and deploy a guidance device using the RAB of R. It will create an ink tornado, which will land in the indicated place and apply 250 units of damage.

You can create up to three ink tornadoes using a special weapon in Platoon 3.

tent missiles

This is a controlled ink rocket that you can launch for a specific purpose in Platoon 3. Each rocket inflicts 150 units of damage to the target that it amazes. If you are the goal of this rocket, we recommend that you stay away from your teammates, as this can damage them.

This becomes even more dangerous in situations when the goal is somewhat close to each other allies. When using it, we recommend aiming to several enemies standing close to each other so that they get more damage. It practically does not hit the target, therefore it is one of the best types of special weapons in VARS 3.


Using this unique weapon, you will turn into an acrobat in an ink cloak, which will be worn around the battlefield and damage the opponents. You can use the main weapon to inflict damage to the enemy, moving quickly over him.

Adhere to the walls by pressing R; The most pleasant thing is that you will return to the original place when its timer ends. You do not need to worry about the timer, even if you are in the enemy zone.


He will create an explosive ink ball and launch it into enemies to inflict great damage. To build it, you will need the power of Booth, which you can also receive from your teammates.

The teammates will benefit from this and increase their unique scale. Having hit the ground, Booth forms an expanding circle.

Destroyer of waves

Wave Breaker is another excellent special weapon that you can use to search for any hidden enemies and apply damage to them. In this you will use the gadget that deploys sound waves. As soon as the wave reaches any enemy, she inflicts damage to him and leaves a trace on him.

The destroyer of the waves launches a total of three shock waves before its timer expires. However, you can improve it using special bonuses. If you are attacked, you can avoid this by jumping over it.

ink storm

Using this weapon, you can create ink rain clouds that are slowly moving to the place where you abandoned them. He will damage the enemies and cause about 30 explosions until the timer ends.

However, you will be given a large capsule that you will hold above your head so as not to damage it.


Reef slider is a floating weapon similar to a shark. He flies with ink, and you can charge him forward to the enemies. As soon as he approaches them, click ZR to blow him up. The explosion will cause significant damage to the enemies.

Crab Tank

Crab Tank is an excellent weapon that will cause great damage to your opponents. You can press ZR together for quick shooting. With rapid shooting, its rate of fire will increase significantly.

While the timer of the use of this weapon is coming to an end, it will light up red to make you understand that in the near future it will disappear. You do not have to face any delay when this special weapon will disappear, and you can continue your main weapon.


Inlet allows you to steam in the air and shoot shells at enemies.
You can press button B to start soaring in the air and shoot at enemies.
You will leave an ink mark that can spray other players.
In the air you will have the opportunity to turn into an octopus or squid so that the sniper cannot get into you.
However, your mobility will be reduced after shooting from a jet printer.