As Russia announced on Monday evening, Bauhaus maintained a partial tear of the rear cruciate ligament in the ideal knee at 0-0 in Freiburg. An operation is undoubtedly not needed, yet the dealing with medical professionals are still elected on the specific treatment.

It is clear: The midfielder will not be able to help Fake at. The German international can be prevented for a afraid cruciate tendon tear. Nevertheless, it is extremely suspicious whether it is enough to take part in the World Cup in Katar.

Acura is additionally missing as much as the World Mug

For the time being, protective player KO Itaúsa will certainly also fall short. The Japanese endured a partial tear of the inner tendon in a duel at the beginning of the week. In Freiburg, he was still missing due to a red lock and also will not return to the squad. Itaúsa does not need to be run on and also is treated conservatively. Nonetheless, till the World Cup break in early November, he should no more play a competitive ready the eleven of the Lower Rhine. The year would have competed Itaúsa.