Mickey Mouse, the face of the Disney universe and one of the outstanding characters Disney Dream light Valley, is the one with whom you will often meet. To help you help Mickey and fulfill all his quests in Disney Dream light Valley, let our guide light the path.

how to unlock Mickey

While some characters in Disney Dream light Valley should be unlocked and moved to the valley before you can perform their quests, Mickey is not one of them. Mickey Mouse lives in the valley from the very beginning of the game when you arrive.

However, Mickey forgot some things, and you must help him figure out his past by fulfilling his quests.

You will find Mickey opposite your home, so it’s quite easy to find it as soon as you arrive at the square after the completion of the entry.

Disney Dream light Valley Mickey Quests

Below are Mickey quests, which are described in detail below, so you should know what to do.

  • Memories of Mickey
  • Federation
  • Hang out with Mickey
  • Missing Minnie
  • Shadows and bows
  • Increase in memory

Memories Mickey

As soon as you go to Mickey’s house, you will see that he is concerned about spikes. This is your first task, since you remove all the spikes and get the sphere of memory from them. Mickey will give you the remote recipe, and you must find it.

To identify a chat of Remi, open the Collection menu and once again see the memory. Mickey should accompany you through the square while you once again check your memory in order to identify Eve next to the shovel on the left side of the image.

Possessing this knowledge, dig the area to the left of the building where the recipe for fruit salad is located using a shovel.

Use the recipe inside your backpack, open it, and then talk with Mickey to get a garden overall and an invitation to prepare a fruit salad with it. The mission ends at the end of the conversation.


Having completed the first quest, you should see Mickey and chat with it. He will give you a recipe for a cracker and wheat seeds.

He will offer you 3 apples and 2 wheat grains when you watered its three plants. You will prepare him a fruit salad when you return home.

After that, return to him and ask what he thinks about the recipe. He will like it, and the task will be completed in this way.

We hang out with Mickey

This will require you to bring a birdhouse for some birds to live. You will need a 3x white chamomile, a 3x falling pension and 8x soft wood.

Make a birdhouse on a workbench and talk to Mickey at the end to complete it.

missing Minnie

To do this, you will need to cook 5x Crudités and 2x Fish Sandwiches. Crudités can be prepared from any vegetables, and for sandwiches with fish requires 1 fish and 2 wheat.

Having prepared these dishes, return to Mickey and give him food. After that, he will take you to the picnic and the quest will end on this.

Shadows and Luke

Mickey will give you Luke Minnie as a routine, and you will also need to ask him about Sufi and Scrooge Mandate.

After asking each person to share his favorite moment with Minnie, return to Mickey. Talk to the ghost of Minnie in a well of desires in the middle of the square.

She will say that she got lost and that you should let her say Mickey. Just give Mickey onions to complete the task.

increased memory

You will need to build a Dream light magnifier to restore Minnie. To build it, you will need 1 emerald, 2 solid wood and 6 workshops.

Use it to find Minnie, who will stand next to the well in the square. Go out into the street, install Minnie’s house, which you received on the Furniture tab of your backpack, and then pay 5,000 stellar coins to finish the construction.

To finish the quest, talk with Minnie before Mickey arrives personally.