League of Legends prepares for the landing of a dozen new skins belonging to the cosmetic line spiritual flourish. Added highly anticipated by the community that have distributed luck to many champions and that have also resulted in a very curious situation with one of the characters. We are referring to Sett , but not for the reasons we would expect. What makes the new appearance of this hero

The dream of the new Sett skin that involves a Riot worker

Like all aspects of high rarity, the SKIN SETT flourish spiritual includes new lines of dialogue. This addition is usually one of Riot Games’s favorite areas in adding references and small tributes to different relevant figures for the video game. Famous is the case of project: Mordckoiser, which includes the emblematic shield management of Minute Gaming. On this occasion the events have been similar, although who has received this small recognition has not been a content creator. Instead, developers decided to reward one of their co-workers .

Returning to the specific case of Sett spiritual flourish and its new dialogues, when the character ends with a tower he pronounces the following words: I had a dream in which one of these lifted. A reference to the newly eliminated structure that pays tribute to the strange Dermot August creations. This charismatic employee of Riot Games has as its hobby ‘pervert’ the champions modifying their skills to create some of the funniest videos we can see if we are fans of League of Legends.

Among the videos, there is one in which Sett uses his final against a turret-we remember that it is a modified version of League of Legends-to end his rivals. It is an extremely popular clip, especially among the AngloParlating community, which accumulates 2 , 7 million views on TikTok and almost 100,000 likes on Twitter . Before we leave, of course, we leave you the video below, so you can enjoy it.