The staging of Immortal Devil in its final version lt June w marked by controversy and discontent for its aggressive monetization system; Even so, Blizzard h continued working to provide his free to play for PC and mobile new content through upcoming updates. Well, the first major Immortal devil update will be available on September 28, 2022 ** with a good handful of novelties. These are the most prominent.

New Battle ps of seon 5

Thus, this new content update will serve to welcome the new Battle ps of seon 5 , known storm stems , a new event that will give players the opportunity to obtain great rewards, cosmetic articles and much more. On the other hand, a new dungeon will be enabled with the plot of The silent montery through which to obtain light sources to end the surrounding monsters; A challenge.

On the other hand, an ancient fortress called the Arranger Ctillo will also be enabled. This place will replace the war band camps and offer new characteristics to the game. In purge of the depths, the members can obtain individual power and achieve remnants that can be placed in the stays of the war band to offer benefits to the occupants.

Finally, in the Defense of Arranger you can collaborate with the war bands to get more rewards fighting waves of demons. If you participate in these events, you will have the opportunity to find ancestral weapons that you can use to grant part of your attributes to all members of your war band, they confirm from Blizzard. Special mention for the fifth chief of inertial, Zilch the deformed , a fierce fighter willing to face only the most Guerrero adventurers from October 2.