Granada’s memory is one of the three local tasks of Genshin Impact, necessary to open the last chapter of memory, continuing the chain of tasks of Agnihotra Supra. In this bitter-sweet history, you again meet Maranhão, who no longer remembers you, and even an older friend, the old Amur Decatur from the Academy.

How to unlock the world task Varanasi’s memory in Genshin Impact

To unlock the memory of the Varanasi, you must first fulfill all the quests in the main line of world quests of Agricola Supra:

  • Head of Star Night
  • The head of the rising moon
  • The last chapter

As soon as they are all completed, you will unlock three hidden world tasks that will not be displayed in the task menu. They can be done in any order, but we strongly recommend following this sequence:

  1. Memory of Varanasi
  2. Old friend Ranking
  3. Figure Ar agar


How to complete the world task Varanasi’s memory in Genshin Impact

Go to the area circled by a circle on the image above, sliding from the track point of the teleport to the west of the forest of the Haiti. You will find a camp with an old man by name ???. Talk to him to find out that his name is Khayyam, Amur Master, who needs your help. After talking with him, follow the marker of the quest on underground cave in the forest of Mails. Go to Khayyam, who will ask you to explore the plants in two places.

Two quest areas are allocated on a mini-card and the world map, so you can simply follow the quest marker to find them. Keep in mind that they are both underground, so do not use any of the travel points of the teleport to get to them. You should defeat all enemies in each area to cause a dialogue with Ha yam, where you are studying the plants together. As soon as you finish with both, follow the marker of the quest to the whereabouts of Khayyam-still in the underground cave.

Then return to the Khayyam camp in the forest of Mails. After a conversation with him, Granada will appear. Talk to Granada to give it a dried flower from Khayyam, completing the local task. After the completion of the quest Old Friend Rankin and Ar agar’s drawing, you will open the last continuation of the Agricola of the Supra called The Last Chapter of Memory.

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