On the 23rd, Mo brain launched its mobile management game “ Waku Dessert Café ” on Google Play and Apple App Store.

It is a mobile management game with cute graphics. You can develop dessert recipes with your owned ingredients, and you can grow into your own café by responding to your visit to the café.

You can get a new dessert recipe and make a new dessert and create hundreds of desserts. Furthermore, you can experience farms along with dessert production, and you can harvest wheat, strawberries, and watermelons to make desserts and sell them to customers. It is also possible to expand the farm to increase the crops and become a rich farm owner.

It also supports customization, so you can decorate the inside of the café and the main characters. In addition, you can run a café with your friends, share your experiences with a diary, or interact with other cafés at the top and share the necessary information.

The pounding dessert café was released in Taiwan in December last year and began to make a reservation in Korea in early September. An official of Mob Brain said, The pounding dessert café was finally released in both major markets. I conveyed it.

The game can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Store, and more details can be found at the official café of the dessert café.