Like any other operating system, Windows 11 receives constant updates, some large and other small. In the case of today, Microsoft firmware has received a lot of news. However, users have reported a series of problems related to NVIDIA graphics cards.

At the moment, the Windows 11 update 22H2 is now available, offering improvements in Snap Layouts, concentration sessions and not disturbing, Windows Studio Effects, an administrator of renewed tasks and clip champ. However, several users have pointed out that have also presented frame rate, pulls, sound failures, and other errors.

To solve this, some users have chosen to return to the previous version of Windows 11, which seems to fix this problem. Along with this, Nvidia has shared a beta patch, which is directed directly to the operation of its GeForce Experience , and here you can download it.

In this way, you have two options, return to the previous version of Windows 11, or install the Nvidia patch. These are only two temporary solutions, and hope that Microsoft manages to solve this inconvenience as quickly as possible.

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