The world of conceptual arts is very great today, that is due to the different communities that inhabit the Internet, with quite ambitious drawings that might seem practically official. And now, a user has decided to give Giancarlo Esposito the opportunity to be part of the UCM , specifically in the role of someone very dear.

Through his Instagram account, the user known as Sub.OIL shows an illustration in which the renowned actor becomes Norman Osborn and therefore, the villain Green Goblin . This wearing with a most elegant suit, and of course, you can not miss the classic character of the character with which he normally attacks his enemies.

Here you can see it:

In news related to Giancarlo Esposito . It is confirmed that the actor is interested in playing a fairly beloved character of the UCM , one who knows about his existence but has not yet been shown. Well in the movie of Dr. Strange emphasizes us that mutants exist, proof of this is ms marvel and Enamor , if you want to know who it is, you can check it in the link.