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Bayonetta 3 Echoes of Memory locations

In Bayonet ta 3, there are several collection items, perhaps too much. A positive point is that most of these collecting items can be easily found in every chapter of the game.

For example, they are not attached to any particular mission. They are also easy to find, and they do not require any power exploits or jumps through additional hoops.

Echoes of Memory, as one of many objects of collecting, is miniature. Black books which you can find to unlock knowledge in the game. Each memory adds a new section in your knowledge menu, where you can read how Bayonet ta’s world works.

The next leadership will tell you about all Echoes of Memory locations in Bayonet ta 3. Most of them hide behind the destroyed walls or upstairs of mobile platforms.

Please note that some chapters do not contain echoes of memory. Therefore, only those chapters that were really considered below.

Chapter 1: Search for answers

Echo memory #1
When you finish with verse No. 2, go to a small tower to the right of you. One of his walls cracked. Break the cracked wall with your attacks. Your first echoes of memory are already inside.

Echoes of memory #2
This echo of memory is located in the upper part of the building, and there are no stairs to it. You need to stop and rewind the time in advance.

This will prevent the fall of the collapsed fragment of the building to the ground and will make you a staircase on which you can rise. Climbing the stairs, you can find the second echo of memory in the building.

Echoes of memory #3
A complex is made in the tunnel on Libya. Once inside the room in the tunnel, go to the left side and find the third echo of memory there.

Chapter 3: Sounding Feeling

Echo memory #1
The first echo of memory of chapter 3 can be found at the top of the building. This is the very destroyed building where you found a dark crow.

Echoes of memory #2
To get to the second echo of memory, you need to restore the bridge by creating the time back. You just need to build half the bridge to go through it and get echoes of memory.

As soon as the bridge is built, you can get the second echoes of memory in the middle.

Side Mission 1: Bag Shadow

Echo memory #1
Performing a crimson shadow, you need to go to the lower level of a building immersed in water. Then you can find an echo of memory in the left corner.

Chapter 4: divided world

Echo memory #1
You can find the first echo of memory on the rock where you found a chest with treasures No. 2. It can be found from the side of the tree.

Echoes of memory #2
As soon as you find yourself in the second region, you can find an echo of memory in the middle of the open area next to the wooden platform.

Echoes of memory #3
In the area of the central embankment there is a building on the top of which you need to climb. Open the scope of automation located in the upper part of the building, which will show moving platforms. You can find the third echo of memory at the end of the path to the platform.

Echoes of memory #4
Next to the portal gate of hell there is a sealed door, and, opening it, you will get access to the yard. Go inside, and Echoes of Memory will be there in the middle.

Side Mission 2: Lynx strikes

Echo memory #1
In the Lynx Strikes mission, go to the lower level. You will find Echoes of Memory, soaring between two yellow platforms above the water.

Chapter 7: Burning Sands

Echo memory #1
On the slope of the mountain, at the very beginning of flaming sands, there is a platform. As soon as you find a platform, you will find an echo of memory on the side.

Echoes of memory #2
Opening a chest with treasures #10 in flaming sands, you will find a sphere that will open a platform on which you can jump and climb.

Climbing to the top of the path created by the sphere, you can easily assemble the second chapter Echoes of the memory of flaming sands.

Chapter 8: Quick Choir

Echo memory #1
As in the case of an echo of memory of burning sand, you can find this echo after you rise to the top of the platform. These platforms are now moving and can be found by the sphere after opening a chest with treasures #1.

Echoes of memory #2
Go inside the temple of Baal, passing through the tunnels in unsteady sands. Inside the room in the temple there will be a broken staircase. The second echo of memory will be located near the stairs.

Chapter 9: Learning to fly

Echo memory #1
When you start the mission learning to fly, you will find a waterfall near the open area. There are many frogs in the lake under the waterfall, which will be a sign that you are in the right place.

Next to the waterfall you will find the first echoes of memory in the chapter Learning to fly.

Echoes of memory #2
In Bayonet ta 3, you can find this echo of memory inside the temple of windmills. Inside the room on the right there will be a cracked floor, and under it, you can find an echo of memory.

Echoes of memory #3
Go into the room at the end of the corridor in a building with the gates of Hell. An echo of memory can be found to the right of this room.

Chapter 10: Cover of the Night

Echo memory #1
You will reach the top of the mountain after lifting to moving platforms. There will be a tower on the mountain, in which there is another moving platform, and we can get access to it by crashing into it.

Once inside the tower, the moving platform will deliver you up, where you will find the subject of collecting Echo of Memory.

Echoes of memory #2
Immediately after the chest with treasures No. 3, a raven will sit on the edge of the cliff. You will find Echoes of Memory, pursuing a crow where it flies at the end.

Echoes of memory #3
The main Parisian street will have an open staircase of the metro, and you can find an echo of memory on the stairs.


Chapter 11: Familiar Dance

Echo memory #1
After you break the chest with treasures No. 3 in Crater, the sphere will show the moving platform that will deliver you to the Echoes of the Memory location.

It is located in a building in which there are also places that the player can climb if the moving platform does not completely reach him.


This Thursday (27) begins the dispute of the playoffs of Wild Circuit : Game Changers, the first official Wild Rift women’s competition organized by Riot Games. Eight teams are in the dispute and have reached the knockout phase through two qualifiers: Goddess Cup and Raven. It is worth remembering that the grand final will be played on November 11, in person in São Paulo, and that the tournament has a prize of R $80 thousand.

This is a very important initiative and expected by the female scenario as a whole, which welcomes cis, trans, transvestites and non-binary people. Thus, this part of the community can accumulate competitive experience in a safe scenario and gain autonomy so that in the future it can also compete in mixed tournaments.

Times-Wild Circuit: Game Changers


Wednesdays (MD3)


  • 17h-minine x sapphire
  • 18h30-Flamingo Wix x Intense Game


  • 17h-xis x Pink Venom
  • 18h30-tbk x ruby

Semifinals (MD5)


  • 19h30-Times will still be defined



  • 17h-Times will still be defined

Grande Final (Md7)


  • 13h-Times will still be defined


The tournament playoffs, which take place from 5 pm, and the grand final, at 1 pm, will be officially oadcast on Wild Tour azil channels on Twitch, YouTube and TikTok.


  • 1st-R $27 thousand
  • 2º-R $17 thousand
  • 3º-R $10,000
  • 4th-R $10,000
  • 5th to 8th R $4 thousand

NBA: Detroit Pistons prolong prematurely with Bojan Bogdanovic

Articles as well as video clips on the topic
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The 33-year-old gets $19.5 million from the pistons this period and also only came from Utah in September. Afterwards it was hypothesized that the Croatian could soon be traded again by the pistons. The expansion does not change this, from November 22nd the Forward will certainly be available once again for a profession.

According to Wojnarowski, the pistons have no intents to hand down the Croatians. Bogdanović become a real reinforcement for Detroit early in the season, in seven video games the winger has so much placed on approximately 22.7 factors at 50.9 percent.


The Detroit pistons have expanded the Bajan Bogdanović Treaty early. The Croatian is bound to the motown franchise by 2025.

As Adrian Wojnarowski ( ESPN ) records, Bogdanović, whose contract would have expired in the summer of 2023, will gather another $39.1 million over 2 years. James Edwards ( the sports ) includes that the last contract year is only partially assured.

NBA: Doncic-Gala! Mavs

Led by the outstanding Luka Dončić, the Texans sounded the Brooklyn Internet with 129: 125 after expansion of Lowndes Slovenian high-flyer, an angry three-way dual from 41 points, 11 rebounds as well as 14 helps.

Basketball national gamer Maximilian Keeper and also his Dallas Mavericks celebrated their 2nd win of the season in the North American professional organization NBA.

Keeper likewise added to a magnificent game with 15 points, in which the Nets drew the shorter one despite 76 points of their Star duo Kyrie Irving (39) as well as Kevin Durant (37). For them, it was the fourth defeat in the 5th video game of the period.


Golden State chosen as the most useful NBA team

Protecting champ Golden State Warriors celebrated his third period success in the 123: 110 versus Miami Heat. Stephen Curry came up to 33 factors for the team, which was chosen by the Forbes publication, the most useful NBA franchise.

With an approximated worth of 7 billion US dollars, the Warriors replaced the New York city Knicks (6.1 billion). The Knicks, that led the listing in the previous 7 years, adhere to the Los Angeles Lakers (5.9), the Chicago Bulls (4.1) as well as the Boston Celtics (4).

FC Bayern: Resurgence quickly? Is the stand at Leroy Sane

Two weeks earlier, Seine relocated a little muscular tissue fiber tear in the left, back upper leg. Ever since, the wing racer has been missing Bayern in 4 affordable games. Prior to his injury, the offensive player remained in excellent kind.

The 26-year-old skilled once more on Sunday in Munich in the public unity of the German record champ on the day after 6-2 versus Mainz for the very first time with the team.

Perhaps Seine will certainly reappear in the Allianz Sector on Tuesday (9 p.m.) in the last Champions League team game against Inter Milan.

National player Leroy Sané is simply 2 weeks after a muscular tissue injury prior to a fast resurgence at Bayern.

Breaker for FC Bayern regulars

Bavaria are currently en masse champion in the premier class, and Inter likewise has 2nd place in period C as well as is likewise in the round of 16.

Radio Mane as well as Eric Motto Choupo-Moting have just recently played a lot. She also could spare Nagelsmann for the staying three Bundesliga games in front of the World Mug.

Defense coworker Day Upamecano likewise complained concerning hefty legs according to the numerous missions in the previous couple of weeks.

The initial candidate for a break is main defender Matthias de Ligt, who needed to go out versus Mainz at the break as a result of muscle troubles. After the video game, Nagelsmann spoke of a safety measure at the Dutch.

After the residence win against Mainz, coach Julian Nagelsmann introduced that he wanted to alter some positions versus Inter. Yet there will possibly be no seven players that we revolve, said Nagelsmann.

NFL Wrap-up: Tampa fl Bay Buccaners vs. Baltimore Ravens 22:27 – Ravens -Rokie radiates when winning away

Tom Brady’s passes were sometimes too brief, partly the timing was not best as well as he has a large effect on the Play Calling. The very same likewise drops back to offensive planner Byron Leftist, who, after a strong start, returned to the inefficient drop in the previous few weeks.

After that, nonetheless, the Buccaneers went back to their old, bung loses with numerous breadless runs in very early downs, and also Baltimore currently started leading cornerback Marlon Humphrey on port receiver Chris Godwin, that was one of the most effective receiver for Tom Brady until then. He was inadequate for a long time.

Brady after that answered Mike Evans in the Red Zone with a 51-yard shot, yet after an incompletion in the direction of Kyle Rudolph, we were no longer in advance in the end area, so that Kicker Ryan Succor just shortened by Basket.

Until the break, different punks as well as a problem for the visitors adhered to: Tight End Mark Andrews left the video game with a shoulder injury. A 61-YARD-FIELD objective effort by Justin Tucker was additionally obstructed. Damaging stand therefore 10: 3 Buccaneers.

The Buccaneers made a fast quit against the Ravens-Orese, yet when Dee Delaney was in Returner Jaelyn Pardon and also created a muffed punt that the Ravens overcame on the opposing 6-yard line. From there, however, it was not proceeding, so the Ravens were content with a field goal.

Outcome: 22:27 (10: 3, 0: 0, 0:14, 12:10) Box core.

Buccaneers vs. Ravens: Newbie Likely takes control of after the break

The flop of the game: Infraction (Buccaneers).

After the break, Tampa Bay proceeded where it quit, so with little effective runs that caused dangerous as well as negative tosses and quickly ended collection. The Ravens, on the various other hand, moved extra on the Run Video Game after a Pass Heavy launch, Lamar Jackson additionally just improved to take on the flooring and rookie-get-end Isaiah Likely impressively for Andrews and made his finest up until now Video game.

  • After first success, the Bus found a great method to suppress the circles of Tight End Mark Andrews. Because Andrews then had to fit injured, we will of program never discover out whether the Ravens would certainly have located a response.

With the very early failure of Mark Andrews, Lamar Jackson had to look for a brand-new top receiver-he found him. Likely made the very best video game of his young career, did 77 yards (6 Rec) and a touchdown. Much more: he established the definitive block with the Jet-Sweep touchdown from Duvernay in the 4th quarter. And he also set the last point with his recuperation on Onside kick. An all-round effective breakout performance of the newbies.

  • Brady appeared the 100-passing backyard brand in the very first time in the initial time in the pre-season.

Tampa Florida Bay Buccaneers vs. Baltimore Ravens: The evaluation

  • Justin Houston’s 2nd sack soon prior to the break was the 555. Sack that Brady obtained in his occupation. These are most in the history of the NFL-ZuV, Ben Roethlisberger held this inglorious record (554).

For their component, the Bus began to be surprisingly refreshingly refreshing with tickets at Early Downs, Play Action and an offense that looked liquid. The result was lastly a short goal run by Leonard Tourette for very early excursion. And after a 3-and-out of the visitors, the Bus marched once again, but this moment they were content with an area objective to 10: 3.

Articles and also video clips on the topic.
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The Baltimore Ravens opened week 8 of the NFL season with a 27:22 success over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Most of all, a rookie persuaded in his finest video game. With the residence side, Tom Brady reached three different adverse brand names.

  • The remedy versus the terrifying one-dimensional ravens-offense, which barely started prior to the break, was the traditional against Lamar Jackson-Jede crowd! As well as the QB had a result as well as tossed a great deal of inaccurate passports or accumulated sacks. After the break, it was progressively put on the ground video game, which brought the Ravens-Oreense going once more.

Tampa Florida Bay Buccaneers (3-5)- Baltimore Ravens (5-3).

  • Jackson ended the very first fifty percent with only 2 carries for 1 lawn. After the break, he put a 25-yard run right. It was the result of a read alternative in which he had run a total amount of 59.8 yards according tonext gen Statistics _.
  • With this loss, Brady, as a starter, is 2 video games under 500 for the very first time in his 23-year occupation.
  • It was the 3rd loss in a row for the Bus as well as therefore also for Tom Brady. That lasted in 2002 when the Patriots shed four games at a time. Exactly 302 video games land between these two three-game plat series. This is by much the longest series between 2 such negative series for a quarterback in the background of the NFL. In second location? Joe Montana with 155 video games in between.

  • The Bus began refreshingly gradually with their Play Calling as well as started with some passes in very early downs. Much more vital: You made use of Play Action and not just for Shot Plays. Why they quit once again in the very first quarter stays their trick. After the first couple of good series, they additionally returned to the old trout with Early-Down-Runs, which, at extremely surprisingly, they were unsettling deep openings, from which they rarely discovered them.

The celebrity of the video game: Isaiah Likely (Tight End, Ravens).

  • Ravens-rookie Isiah Likely was tossed into the cold water after the very early failure of Mark Andrews (shoulder), swiftly swam and also made his finest game by much in his still young job.
  • In contrast to their last tendencies revealed, the Buccaneers began significantly extra progressive and showed a systematic offensive idea that led to a quick lead. After the 2nd drive, nonetheless, it returned to the old sewage, with which they stepped on the area over cross countries.
  • Tom Brady right away provided numerous adverse brands in the video game. So he is currently one of the most sagging QB in NFL background and has actually just experienced his longest collection of beats in 20 years.

Inadequate, as it ended up being clear soon afterwards, due to the fact that the Ravens were then not to stop from their very own 17. Most of all, thanks to numerous option runs, they pulled the tooth and also with a jet move with Devin Duvernay for a 15-yard touchdown keep up a jet sweep, they made the preliminary decision.

After Field Goals on both sides, Brady brought his group again in striking distance and located returnees Julio Jones for an 8-yard touchdown pass. The subsequent 2-point conversion likewise took place the clock with 49 secs. The Onsde-Kick landed with the Ravens and also the game was lastly over.

  • The BUCS-Orese, which partly worked smoothly at broadband and also rapid passes (screens on Godwin), likewise delayed because the Ravens then placed Marlon Humphrey in the slot and also encountered Godwin much more successfully.

Analysis: Buccaneers vs. Ravens-die tactics panel.

Likely made the best game of his young job, did 77 lawns (6 Rec) and a goal.

  • Brady has currently tossed only 2 touchdowns in the first fifty percent of video games after 8 games. In the previous year there were an average of 2 goals per video game in the very first half after 8 games.

Buccaneers vs. Ravens: At a glimpse

Until the break, numerous punks as well as poor news for the guests followed: Tight End Mark Andrews left the game with a shoulder injury. The Onsde-Kick landed with the Ravens and the game was lastly over.

Buccaneers vs. Ravens-die most important stats.

Jackson originally found Kenyan Drake to match by passing, a little later he found Likely after a strong pocket motion at the rear of the end area for the 17:10 lead at the end of the third quarter. It was Likely’s initial NFL goal. In the meanwhile, the Bus Edge Rush Shaw Barrett, that most likely torn the Achilles tendon. If this diagnosis is confirmed, his period is over, which would be a bitter setback for this defense. Meanwhile, the Ravens Pass Receiver Ra shod Batsman had to venture out with a foot injury.

  • Brady has currently tossed only 2 goals in the very first fifty percent of games after 8 video games. That is really few in his occupation as a starter. In the previous year there were an average of 2 goals per game in the first half after 8 games.

Marraskuun Games with Gold

xbox has revealed its November Games with gold free game.

Today, only two titles are served to Gold members, as the old warfare Xbox 360 was recently dropped from the selection.
Xbox’s very strong investment in Game Pass will also be reflected in Games with Gold games, which seem to have been reasonably neglected in recent months.
Below November Games with Gold Games and Dates:
Praetorians-HD Remaster (1.11-30.11.2022)
Dead End Job (16.11.-15.12.2022)
More information about the Xbox Wire bulletin herexbox has revealed its November Games with gold free game.
Today, only two titles are served to Gold members, as the old warfare Xbox 360 was recently dropped from the selection.
Xbox’s very strong investment in Game Pass will also be reflected in Games with Gold games, which seem to have been reasonably neglected in recent months.

Below November Games with Gold Games and Dates:
Praetorians-HD Remaster (1.11-30.11.2022)
Dead End Job (16.11.-15.12.2022)
More information about the Xbox Wire bulletin here.

Hearthstone: Patch 24.6 – Momentarily limited incentives on Schlotternchn

In keeping with Halloween, patch 24.6 in Hearthstone (now acquire EUR 0.00) also starts the Schlottternacht occasion, for which the programmers have come up with a new method, as they get incentives. You can get arbitrary aesthetic benefits from the so-called battlefield price hammers if you finish up in the leading 4 in field of battle setting.

As early as November 2, 2022, the designers of Hearthstone present the upcoming growth, of which we have until now only understand about ** a worst. You can be there survive on PlayHearthstone from 7:00 p.m. as well as even dust jerk declines if you enjoy the 30-minute event for at the very least 15 minutes.

This is how the battlefield rate hammer work


Source |

With patch 24.6 you can obtain aesthetic things for the battleground setting in a brand-new method: with the cost hammer! Each rate hammer includes a picked and short-term collection of cosmetic combat zone objects *, consisting of a minimum of one famous object. If your access to the rate hammer, you will certainly obtain a hammer for every single placement among the leading 4, while the price hammer is energetic. And also with every hammer you can after that knock a random price out of this price hammer collection!

_ allplayers obtain an arbitrary rate hammer for cost-free! So whether you intend to take part or not, every person obtains a joyful present. As well as those gamers among you that buy accessibility just require seven positioning in the top 4 to obtain all 10 prices.

Hearthstone: Patch 24.6-time Minimal Benefits at Schlottternenacht-Event (1) Resource: Blizzard This first price hammer is about the Schlottternacht collection with 10 items, including two fabulous things (a fabulous video game board as well as a fabulous assault) and also extra. You can access this price hammer for actual cash or 1,000 rune stones and quickly obtain two price hammers after the purchase.

To the homepage to the gallery

With patch 24.6 you can get aesthetic objects for the combat zone mode in a brand-new means: with the price hammer! Each price hammer consists of a selected and momentary collection of cosmetic field of battle objects *, consisting of at the very least one epic item. If your access to the cost hammer, you will certainly receive a hammer for every positioning among the leading 4, while the price hammer is energetic.

Sebastian Glazer

Mavericks release 21-point management from the hand

The Mavericks presented themselves highly versus the Suns in the initial fifty percent and went right into the break with a 62:45. Afterwards, nevertheless, the Suns worked back as well as took the lead a great 3 mins prior to completion. The Slovenian Celebrity Luka Dončić was the ideal thrower with 35 points at the end, adhesive pertained to 2 factors, 5 rebounds as well as one theme.

Daniel This was formally lacking in the 107:11 of the Indiana Pacers against the Washington Wizards since of knee scabies, Dennis Schröder was not there against the Golden State Warriors after his thumb surgical procedure at 109:123 of the Los Angeles Lakers.

No German basketball gamer and his group were able to win at the NBA beginning. The Dallas Mavericks around Maxi Keeper left a 21-point lead on Wednesday night (regional time) and also lost to Phoenix Suns 105: 107. Isaiah Hammerstein with the New York Knicks received an 112:115 loss versus the Memphis Grizzlies, Franz Wagner shed with the Orlando Magic 109:113 against the Detroit Pistons.

27 factors for Banchero-20 factors for Wagner

Paolo Ranchers triggered a stir in his debut for the Magic. In the initial NBA game of his job, the very first place of the
Draft’s chosen Forward 27 factors, 9 rebounds as well as 5 templates. In the background of the league in front of him, only Give Hillside as well as LeBron James pertained to at the very least 25 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists at the NBA debut. Franz Wagner also had a great game with 20 points, 5 templates and four rebounds.

How to use a radar puck in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed tend to give preference to ghosts in terms of opportunities, since they are compared with four ghost hunters. This does not mean that ghost hunters were left without effective tools. At the player 20, you will unlock a radar washer, a convenient additional gadget if you use it wisely. That’s how.

How to use Radar Puck at Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

A radar washer is a thrown object similar to a trap for ghosts. Throw it on the field using a button or key indicated next to its icon on lower right angle of the screen . After the throw, he will send a signal at equal intervals of time, ping ghost, if it is within reach. A radar washer will also show artifacts and faults.


Like a ghost trap, Radar Puck has a certain time of autonomous work, and you need to take it and keep it with you to reload it. You can leave it on the field, but be careful, as the ghosts can also pick it up and hide it from you. It makes you return to the trolley with gears and take another.

A distinctive feature of Radar Puck is that its range extends both up and down the floor level, so this is an excellent tool for matches in the Rock Island prison with three different levels. It is also a simple way to quickly determine the whereabouts of a ghost among other ghost hunters.

Looking for additional help at Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed? Find out how to use ionizers in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed and how to use HAD in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed, here in the guides for the game for professionals.

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