Publisher Tiny build officially announced streets of rogue 2 on October 4. It was announced that the sequel was being developed for some time, but it was officially announced again. The platform is a PC (Steam). According to the store page, the game is compatible with Japanese display.


streets of rogue is a look down-type action game. The stage is the destructive underground society. Players choose one from different professionals and throw themselves on the street. It is a form that clears by stage breaks. Missions are prepared for each stage, for example, killing, liberation, and obtaining specific items. After clearing the mission, you will clear the stage when you go to the goal point. We will proceed to the next stage. The map is automatically generated, Pervades is adopted, and mission generation is random. Every time you play, different experiences are waiting. The degree of freedom of the capture is also characteristic, and a wide range of capture is possible, such as bugging electronic equipment as a hacker, capturing facilities, and breaking through the front as a gorilla.

In the sequel streets of rogue 2, it evolved into an open world game. The previous work was a format that captured the stages of the alley one by one, but in this work, it seems that it can rampage in various areas such as caves on caves, forests, and islands in a vast world. The range of game play seems to be expanding, and good deeds are accumulated in the land, gaining reputation and glories, forming a small but faithful villain group, attempting the government, making agriculture very rich. It can be done.

In capture, in addition to familiar elements such as battle, sneaking, and hacking, various actions such as architecture, agriculture, and drive seem to be possible. There are various classes, such as scientists, hackers, vampires, thieves, wrestlers, and gorillas. The base elements are also substantial, and the customizability seems to be high for vehicles. In addition to the difficulty selection, it also supports local online cooperation mode.

Matt Borowski will be in charge of development following the previous work. Overall, it seems that it will expand the appeal of streets of rogue, which has a high reputation. Only music staff will be renewed from the previous work due to contract issues. As an aside, MATT BOROWSKI seems to have participated as a counselor in the early days of developing Weird West.

streets of rogue 2 will be released on PC (Steam). The steam version of the previous work, streets of rogue, which has been updated, can be purchased for 512 yen, 75%off until October 12.