The monastery on the right side of the card can offer the player a lot of tricks: invisible enemies, flying shells and all kinds of stupid creatures. Surprisingly, it can be one dungeon, where the boss is the easiest phase. Although to get there, it can go there for a while, any player can easily defeat this boss, having a basic idea of his attack scheme.

The best strategies for use against the monastery’s boss in Airfare

Having pronounced a magical Latin, the boss will begin to attack the player, throwing lightning at him. Do not use the shield to block the zipper; The only way to cope with this is to run away. During this part of the battle, it is best to move from side to side to make the boss miss a lightning attack.

After a pair of lightning rods, the boss will get angry and begin to attack the protagonist. Here is the opportunity to inflict damage. If the main character dodges Rush Boss, instead the boss crashes into the southern wall, leaving him stunned and open to strike.

As soon as the boss receives enough damage, it will go to the next phase (this battle consists of four phases). Each stage includes the same concept as the first. The only difference is that the boss will cause different enemies to confuse the player.

In the second phase, the boss will cause soaring books that will rush to the player. However, this is hardly a threat. Just raise the shield to reflect them, evading the boss, as usual. Having received a few more hits, he will go to the third phase, where he will cause two purple shells, which randomly circled around the room.

This is a little annoying, especially because in the last phase the boss causes two more shells. Nevertheless, if a player can perfectly pull each other’s phase, this should not be a big problem if he receives a little damage from these shells. Just concentrate on evading the boss again to deliver the last blows.

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