President Soon Seok-yeol said on the 17th that it is a network operated by a private company, but in fact, it is like a national communication network from the public’s point of view.

President Soon said on the morning of the Tongan President’s office, saying, I think this weekend is probably a lot of people who use Aka to stop the service due to the suspension of Aka communication network.

He also emphasized that the National Assembly is also very interested, so that the necessary system should be well maintained, preventing these accidents, and in the event of an immediate reporting system, the people, and the rapid recovery.

He said, On the weekend, we took the situation directly to the Minister of Science and Technology Information and Communication and reviewed how the government should respond to prevention and after accident. I added.

He also talked about the monopoly structure of Aka services.

President Soon said, We have an autonomous market economy that respects the autonomy and creativity of the company, but the market itself is based on the premise that resources and income is reasonably distributed by a fair competition system.

If the market is distorted in monopoly or severe oligopoly, or even more like a country’s infrastructure, I think that the state should be institutionally needed for the benefit of the people. Such a problem is now being reviewed by the Fair Trade Commission.