Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed tend to give preference to ghosts in terms of opportunities, since they are compared with four ghost hunters. This does not mean that ghost hunters were left without effective tools. At the player 20, you will unlock a radar washer, a convenient additional gadget if you use it wisely. That’s how.

How to use Radar Puck at Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

A radar washer is a thrown object similar to a trap for ghosts. Throw it on the field using a button or key indicated next to its icon on lower right angle of the screen . After the throw, he will send a signal at equal intervals of time, ping ghost, if it is within reach. A radar washer will also show artifacts and faults.


Like a ghost trap, Radar Puck has a certain time of autonomous work, and you need to take it and keep it with you to reload it. You can leave it on the field, but be careful, as the ghosts can also pick it up and hide it from you. It makes you return to the trolley with gears and take another.

A distinctive feature of Radar Puck is that its range extends both up and down the floor level, so this is an excellent tool for matches in the Rock Island prison with three different levels. It is also a simple way to quickly determine the whereabouts of a ghost among other ghost hunters.

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