Illogic has released the non-symmetric battle type ACT Ghostbuster: Spirits Unleashed (Ghost Busters / Spirits Agreed) .

This work is based on the movie Ghostbusters, and features equipment that have been active in movies such as proton packs, PIE meters, ghost traps, and Customization of equipment and characters at fire departments and ray occult bookstores, Proton Gun. You can select training and missions. A new character will also appear in addition to characters such as Dr. Raymond Stand, who was in charge of the Japanese dubbed version.

As for the game content, the Ghost Busters side (up to 4 people) or the ghost side (1 person) will be selected to play. The busters side detect spiritual energy with the ghost detector PIE Meter. Once you find a ghost, you can block the movement with a short-range pulse and destroy the appearance location, and catch it with Proton Pack and Ghost Trap before the ghost escapes.

On the other hand, ghosts can be selected from up to 5 types, and we use various special abilities, such as possessing a variety of things, summoning minions, and throwing slime. 。

In the solo mode, AI will participate and support the ghostbusters side and play against as a ghost. In addition, story mode is also available, and as the story progresses, various scenes and customization are possible. In addition, the Japanese version of this work is the only voice actor in the world as the dubbed version of the movie.

GHOSTBUSTERS: SPIRITS UNLEASHED is on sale for PC (Epic Games Store) PS5/PS4/Xbox Series | S/Xbox One.