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[Experience] Taste of directing beyond the original Black Clover Mobile

  • Game Name: Black Clover Mobile: The Opening of Fate

  • Genre: Collected turn-based RPG

  • Overseas Service / Developer: Arena / Big Game Studio

  • Yo: ‘Black Clover Mobile’ is a collectable RPG based on a Japanese boy cartoon black clover.
    With the fun of collecting and nurturing the characters in the cartoon, you can feel the turn-based action of the brilliant direction.

The new game ‘Black Clover Mobile: The Opening of Fate’, which is being developed by Big Game Studio, has been overseas CBT for a week since the 24th.

The developer said that the main goal of the test is to check the service stability. Already two global Fits have already been held, so we have to quench before the official launch because we have caught some direction of content and service.

Unfortunately, this CBT was targeted overseas, so it was not recruited in Korea. Still, I applied for it. Luckily, I was able to play the game as a tester. I would like to briefly summarize the impressions of the Black Clover Mobile I felt while playing during the test.

Choir Jae-young, CEO of Big Game Studio, is a developer who was in charge of the development of ‘Seven Sins: Grand Cross’ in the previous Net marble. After leaving Net marble, he founded the big game studio and expressed his aspiration to shake the game board with an inspiring game with the animation-style game development know-how and a new sense. One of the works that melted Choir Jae-young’s ambitions is Black Clover Mobile.

The game is a collectable turn-based RPG based on the Japanese boy cartoon ‘Black Clover’, featuring high-quality cartoon rendering graphics and action production that utilizes the emotions of animation. It is designed to follow the original story as it is, and it is designed to feel the original fans as a game and the first user to feel the original.

The Black Clover Mobile, which I played directly, showed a texture on both sides of the story and the system so that I could enjoy the game without knowing the original.

First, the game follows the original story as mentioned earlier. The relationship between the protagonist Asia and the rival Juno, and the situation of Asia, which could not be born in the magic world, shows the animation cut scene, and explains from the bottom of the story.

Afterwards, I got a book and joined the Magic Knights. At this time, the contents of the game is held in turn every time the contents come out with the story in the game.

This content unlock method is already common in other games. If you loosen everything at once, you can feel complicated from the user’s point of view, so you can gradually provide content and get used to it.

The reason why the Black Clover Mobile felt a little more special was that it provided content with the original story. Due to the specificity of the game, content is sometimes provided without a topic.

On the other hand, the game was able to use the facility contents such as housing and hangout from the moment of joining the Magic Knights without such awkwardness.


In addition, when a new content appeared, the related character came out and explained kindly, so it was easy and comfortable for the player to accept new content. Due to the nature of the collectable RPG, the content is quite large, but I think that even if you are new to the game through the original, you have made a lot of effort to enjoy it.

Next, let’s look at the battle. Black Clover Mobile was designed to make a variety of strategies through four character combinations. As I mentioned in the previous interview that it would give you the fun and depth of the turn-based battle itself, a new attempt was seen in some parts.

Compared to Choir Jae-young’s previous work, Children Sins, the biggest difference is that the system such as card layout and combination disappears and adopted an intuitive appearance like a normal turn-based game.

The character now has one general technology and skill, and there is a special technology of special moves and passing. General skills can be used without limitations, skills are cooldown, and MANA resources are activated.

The sum of MANA is 10, the special killer consumes 10 and the acceptance period is 6. As the resource consumption is very large, it can cause tremendous damage to the enemy.

The special kill is a system that has already been in its predecessor. The difference is that, as mentioned earlier, you can use the card to use it simply in the situation if you have a resource.

The passer is a technology that two characters attack at the same time. In the pre-character selection window, the 1 and 2 are tied up in one pair of 1 and 2, and the pass will be used. Different characters had different passing skills, and the order of trigger depending on whether it was attack, rebuff, and character placement order.

For example, the passenger of the protagonist Asia can give a provocation if there is no provocation to attack the enemy with invincibility and stun if there is provocation. And Klaus Route can give a 50% chance of provocative to the enemy. If you use the passing period of the two, Asia can take a wide range of stuns if Runes’s provocation is eaten. Even if you can’t stun, Asia’s provocation is invincible, so you can make a safe turn.

In addition, the characters tied to close ties in the original were able to use a special success. It is called a passing pass, and when Asia and Juno are organized into the same group, the enemies of Juno’s whirlwind can be applied to the sword of Asia, and the powerful effects such as all attack critical hits, barriers and invincible effects can be applied at the same time. There is.

In other words, if the seventh crime has a proper strategy on both sides of the character combination and combat play, Black Clover Mobile thinks that the character combines more than combat. In a difficult map, manual play was definitely helpful, but it seemed that it was monotonous in terms of the strategic aspect of the turn-based game that there was no big problem even if it was automatically played.

Therefore, if you had a different fun with the old card system, the battle might be a bit disappointing. However, the effects of passing and killing are not simple and designed to provide greater effects in certain situations. It is a part that seems to improve the constitution to suit the characteristics of the collection type RPG that collects and nurtures various characters.

The character development and the contents were also huge. Character development is largely prepared, such as level, promotion, rating, talent, skill reinforcement, skill page awakening, and equipment growth. This is also unlocked little by little as the story progresses.

The content that will help you to cultivate also has a variety of experience dungeons, equipment dungeons, talent dungeons, skill reinforcement dungeons, and limited dungeons. Born SR and SSR characters can also increase the LR grade if they spend time and resources.

Repeated content except the main story supports repeat settings and three times, so you can continue to play if you are sufficiently behavior. The maximum of behavior is that I have a lot of content that I need to do whenever my account level goes up, so I felt a bit lacking.

The last is the summoning character. There are two ways to acquire a character from Black Clover Mobile. One is to have a must-have character in the story, and the other is to summon the characters by consuming the goods.

Although the store was not yet implemented, it was not possible to grasp the exact amount, but the 1,200 goods were consumed in 10 times. During the CBT period, I gave a lot of event goods, but I was able to supply it to some extent through various contents and achievements in the game.

There were four pickups, general, friendship and step-up summons. Step-up summoned was a way to accumulate stacks and finally get SSR characters depending on the number of summons.

All summons, except for friendship summons, has a ceiling called a bonus gauge, and if you fill 340 a total of 3 points per time, you can get an SSR grade with seasonal and skill pages. The bonus gay is applied individually for each summon.

The probability of SSR grade is 1.50%for pickup characters and 1.50%for the basic SSR grade. However, summoning included not only characters but also skill pages. The SSR rating probability of the skill page is 1.70%, which is higher than the character. I summoned about 120 times during the test, and I only got one SSR character. For reference, there are about four SSR skill pages.

Therefore, if you want to obtain a character through billing, you will need to buy a stack by step-up summons or purchase a season pass called Clover Season. Clover Pass’s paid product is the SSR character confirmed ticket.

However, this corresponds to the CBT build, so it can appear differently in the formal release version. Therefore, please look at this part for reference.

The CBT experience of the Black Clover Mobile was more fun than expected. The story line that made the original story and the content that followed it was well organized, and the character development and method was very systematic.

In the strategy of the battle, as mentioned earlier, it may be a shame, but I don’t think the dislike will be divided. In general, the familiar turn-based RPG adds the taste of the black clover to show the proper novelty.

Attempts to lower the barriers to entry into the game as a whole

Netmarble published 2022 ESG Report


Net marble announced on the 28th that it has published a 2022 ESG (ESG) report, which includes sustainable management strategy and ESG efforts and achievements, after 2021.

The report includes the company introduction, as well as ESG management from January to December 2021, key ESG issues, and sustainable management achievements (including partial parts of 2022 to provide timely information).

2022 Net marble ESG Report has been awarded for 7 consecutive years of global mobile publisher, ② strengthening communication with stakeholders in the era of new media, ③ Eco-friendly new building that is shining at the main award of the Korea Environmental Award, ④ Game Culture Experience Center and Game Academy Boot Camp It has five highlights, including social contribution, ⑤ strengthening ESG management behavior at the warrior level.

In particular, in this report, Net marble emphasized the eco-friendly management strategy. Under the goal of minimizing the environmental impact for the next generation, the company plans to focus on the three strategic tasks of strengthening climate change, reducing waste and expanding recycling, and expanding environmental management communication.

In fact, this report introduces Net marble’s eco-friendly management, such as the use of eco-friendly building materials and energy demand management of ‘G-Tower’, the creation of eco-friendly space for preserving biodiversity, greenhouse gas management system, and actual greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. Done.

Won Youngest, CEO of Net marble ESG Management Committee, said, We have been trying to secure competitiveness of the game industry and become a trusted company from stakeholders in the midst of unstable management environments such as the Corona and the global economic crisis. We will do our best to take the responsibility and role of our companies to establish the system.

Meanwhile, Net marble established the ESG Management Committee in December last year and is strengthening ESG management. In July this year, Morgan Stanley’s global ESG evaluation agency Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) acquired A-grade A grade in MSCI ESG evaluation. I have done it.

Japan at the World Cup aggravation rather of Euphrie

Sebastian Wolff reports from Qatar

The beginning point in Group E is an entirely different, the mood among the Japanese. Ecstasy has actually become deep disappointment. Due to the fact that the chance of the round of 16 was comprehended close, but the Germany conquerors did not grip courageously, almost thought twice over the whole season and acted unclean. We didn’t make our finest video game, rank Freiburg’s Its Down visible according to words, and then shifting entirely in a contemporary way: We never came into play.

Then at least we need to remain without conceding

Because the opportunity of the round of 16 was understood close, but the Germany conquerors did not grip courageously, almost thought twice over the whole season and acted dirty. After the 2-1 versus Germany, coping with the round of 16 round appeared remarkably simple, now it might hardly be more tough with a view to the missed possibility and the upcoming top-class carpenter. We want to achieve an excellent outcome for our fans and our country, states Marinas and understands that in the function of the outsider, he and his players have been much easier in the previous tournament than with the favorite.

Marinas attempted to stay analytical after the sensitive problem. We really executed what we were going on till the goal. We didn’t desire to permit anything. What was missing was the courage versus a restricted challenger who had actually signed up little ambitions to wish to threaten himself. Our game forward, confesses the coach, did not go according to plan, however then a minimum of we need to remain without conceding. Since a point would have helped outdoors fight for round of 16 again.

It’s a big job, states the 54-year-old. After the 2-1 against Germany, managing the round of 16 round appeared surprisingly easy, now it might hardly be harder with a view to the missed out on opportunity and the upcoming top-class carpenter. We wish to accomplish a great result for our fans and our country, states Marinas and knows that in the function of the outsider, he and his players have actually been a lot easier in the previous tournament than with the favorite.


After the break, he had a chain of 3 the vital concerns about the techniques of the chain of four-took note of the coach and gave an order back to the Japanese reporters: Form your judgment. Its core job is now to get the state of mind change prior to the last group order versus Spain.

Football World Cup 2022 Bierhoff depends on Flicks experience

For Bailiff, it does not matter whether Spain is the challenger in the 2nd group game or in the knockout round.

He looks really calm and solid. He has currently passed crucial situations with bayern Munich and likewise as an assistant coach, said the DFB director about the nationwide coach in an interview with Magenta TV.

After the 1-2 kick-off versus Japan, the national soccer team in Qatar threatens the early World Cup-k. O during a further defeat against fear opponent Spain on Sunday (8:00 p.m./ ZDF and Magenta). In the preliminary round. Flick had brought seven club titles with the Bayern. With the DFB team, he ended up being a world champ in 2014.

In the world cup group video game versus Spain, Oliver Bailiff also builds on the experience of Hansi Flick as a former success coach at Bayern Munich and as an assistant to ex-national coach Joachim Löw.


A particular friction is constantly excellent

Every team has their own identity. Essentially, even if it crackles: We had really successful national groups, some of them did not talk to each other when you hear that in retrospection.

Alleged dissonances in the group, likewise between the group parts, did not wish to overstate Bailiff.

Bailiff described the video game in the albeit arena as our first final. National coach Hansi Flick has actually set up the last training for Saturday night (regional time) in Al-Shabab.

World Cup ordeal would have long-lasting consequences

I don’t argue that, we have been in a challenging phase since 2018. In that time we did not make it to produce this advancement so mentally and also in terms of the outcome. In this regard, it would obviously be helpful and crucial in the direction of the European Champion Effective tournament to play here, stated Bailiff. After taking workplace in August 2021, the objective with Flick was: Back to the cloud nine.

After the 1-2 kick-off versus Japan, the nationwide soccer team in Qatar threatens the early World Cup-k. With the DFB team, he ended up being a world champ in 2014.

At least it has to do with more, it has to do with the interest for the nationwide team, alerted the DFB director of a drop in mood in a new group k.o. Like 4 years earlier in Russia.

After taking workplace in August 2021, the goal with Flick was: Back to the top of the world.

A World Cup failure would have long-lasting effects for Bailiff since of the home European Champion in 19 months.

National coach Hansi Flick has scheduled the final training for Saturday night (regional time) in Al-Shabab.

Who is the band in the special Christmas of Guardians of the Galaxy? Answered


In the opening scene of the new Disney+Special, The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, a band of aliens approaches Peter Quill that has been practicing with a set of novel terrestrial instruments that they gave them recently. The band is very makeup, but they seem to be a real band, which leads many fans to ask. Who is the band in the special Christmas of Guardians of the Galaxy. We have the answer.

Who are the old 97 in the special Christmas of Guardians of the Galaxy?

Image Source:

The band is known as the old 97 Sites of the Texas Alternative Country Movement in the middle of the 1990s before evolving towards a more power pop style in the 2000s and turns out to be one of the favorite bands of the director James Gun.

In the special, the main singer of the band called Bzermikitokolok and Knowheremen explains that they heard that it is the time of the year when the earthlings celebrate a holiday known as Christmas, and decided to write a song in their honor. The aliens, however, have a vague understanding of how Christmas works and are wrong in many details. I don’t know what Christmas is (but Christmas is here) It’s the title of his song.

Some comic verses Easter egg robot chickens Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer/Godfather parody with the line One sought to be a dentist now that he is sleeping with the fish, and plays playfully how, Mrs. Claus, she works on the post, plans the death of her man.

And now you know who the band is in the Christmas special of Guardians of the Galaxy. Check out our other content related to Marvel, as Zamora in the Christmas special of Guardians of La Galatia, 6 great questions after Wakanda Forever, and is the special Christmas canon.

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Amouranth The greatest banner describes why Twitch and YouTube do not exclusively her

As an Amaranth, Kaitlyn Syracuse is the greatest banner on Twitch. However, while the competition from YouTube Gaming is presently on a big shopping tour and is modifying banner, Amaranth has not yet been provided a unique contract from one of the platforms. In an interview with Fullsquadgaming, she speculated about the possible reasons.

how successful is Amaranth? Amaranth is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch. As can be seen from the information of the Rainmaker. GG analysis tool, she is presently the only woman in the top 100 of the most viewed channels on Twitch.

Your earnings increase Amaranth furthermore through experienced financial investments. So she has built up a call as a hard-working and smart businesswoman.

Amaranth, on the other hand, is understood for her grind: she streams incredibly frequently and a lot. Twitch and other platforms are only a little part of their business design: fans of their easily available content should become paying clients on platforms such as just fans and material should likewise be produced for this.

The reporter Jake Lucky, who spoke with Amaranth on November 23, was also interested in her organization sense. In the interview, Amaranth spoke about the platforms Twitch and YouTube, among other things, and explained why she has probably not yet received a unique agreement.

Image Primate Any’s, who would otherwise have actually been discovered in the top 100, had actually announced in September to desire to stream fewer streams in the future and was hardly ever on the air in October.

Amaranth had offers from Sexy Twitch

How does Amaranth feel about Twitch and YouTube? In the interview of November 23, Amaranth was asked, according to her evaluation from a company and streaming viewpoint: What was the better platform, YouTube or Twitch. For Amaranth, the red platform is plainly in front:

Instead, she would have some offers from streaming portals that are intended at grownups, a few of which are a number of million dollars. That is a mix of the OnlyFans payment platform and a sort of hot Twitch, says Amaranth.

I certainly like YouTube as a platform. It is larger and probably less hazardous since people see more what they want. Because Twitch has no genuine company: If you just want to go to Simply Dating, you can see all of these people you don’t desire to see. On YouTube, you can enter what you wish to see straight.

Amaranth via Twitch

If Amaranth had the option to perform exclusively on among the 2 platforms, she would obviously choose YouTube in no time. However, the streamer likewise admits that so far she has actually not been offered such an agreement.

Amaranth is probably not brand-friendly enough

Why does Amaranth have no exclusive contract yet? In view of their success, it would really be an apparent decision for among the platforms to protect the rights to the Amaranth material. The streamer has a guess why this has actually not yet taken place:

She has actually not yet announced whether Amaranth would prepare more occasions or alter its content in order to end up being more brand-friendly.

  • Amaranth thinks that she is a bit unfriendly Apparently, their revealing content might not truly match the brand identity of the platforms.
  • YouTube seems to choose streamers who organize large events, says Amaranth. She herself just attempted this with her Streamer Royale occasion at the start of the year.

Among the greatest Twitch banners who have up until now attempted to jump to YouTube is Ludwig Agree, who set a record with his station in spring 2021. Now he organized the Station 2.0 on his new streaming home and streams from a glass cage for 50 hours.

However, some changes have actually currently been recognized by their content considering that Amaranth explained in October to complimentary herself from her apparently harmful other half.


Amaranth draws a conclusion from these points: I believe I’m not quite at the point of how that you are trying to find. Who knows what will take place in the future..

Former Twitch banner makes a clown, collects EUR 300,000 for a good cause

As an Amaranth, Kaitlyn Syracuse is the greatest banner on Twitch. While the competitors from YouTube Video gaming is currently on a huge shopping tour and is changing streamer, Amaranth has not yet been offered an exclusive contract from one of the platforms. Amaranth is one of the most significant banners on Twitch. How does Amaranth feel about Twitch and YouTube? In the interview of November 23, Amaranth was asked, according to her assessment from a service and streaming point of view: What was the better platform, YouTube or Twitch.

Bayern protector Hernandez ran effectively

This was announced by FC Bayern.
Appropriately, the measure in Innsbruck gone by Prof. Christian Fink, the rehabilitation is now to occur in Munich.


Hernandez had hurt himself worldwide Cup opening game of the French national team versus Australia (4-1) after a few minutes, for him his bro Theo entered the field.
The Bavaria expert ought to now do not have the record champions for months.

Munich’s sports director Hasan Salihamidzic had already revealed that he did not want to react to the failure with post-liability.

How to turn a snowmobile into a frurromot into Pokemon Scarlet & Violet


A dream will develop after increasing his friendship in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, and then increase his level at night. There are several ways to increase friendship in the game, objects such as a soothing bell or berries that increase friendship accelerate the process. The new Lets GO function that allows Pokémon is another way to build friendship, just as walks in other games increase it. This is all that players need to know about the evolution of the snow moon in Frost in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

How to turn a snow moon into a frurromot into Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

SNU needs high friendship to develop in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, and then increase the level at night. The day and night cycles in the game are replaced by each other quite quickly, so a simple wait will help. Snow should be developed immediately, because it does not have a set of movements to increase the level until it appears. He has several shortcomings between evolutions, but the basic characteristics of Frost make him such that he, at least, causes great damage. The basic characteristics change during development:

  • HP-from 30 to 70
  • Attack-from 25 to 60
  • Protection-from 35 to 60
  • Special attack-45 to 125
  • Special protection-from 30 to 90
  • Speed-from 20 to 65
  • General-from 185 to 475

How to raise friendship in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

There are four main ways to increase the friendship of Pokémon, while the battle with them is a passive way. Make sure that they do not lose consciousness with the help of treating objects to increase it even more, but a faster way is to equip its soothing bell. Holding Soothe Bell, Pokémon will increase friendship growth by 50%, and they can be bought at Deli bird Presents after receiving six sorts of gym icons. Walks with Pokémon will also increase friendship, and in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet this can be done using the Lets GO function by pressing the R button. There are also berries that increase friendship that you can choose in the ordinary world, catching Pokémon in a luxurious ball will increase friendship and picnic They can also increase friendship.

For additional guidelines for evolution, see the section How to turn petition into Lillian into Pokémon Scarlet & Violet in Pro Guides.

Is that still Minecraft? Tiktok

Worldwide of the sandbox, there are their own physical laws. What would Minecraft look like with sensible earth education? This proves TikTok videos that influence the community.

practical animations transform Minecraft into a new video game

While practical lighting impacts and textures with shaders and mods have been trendy for several years, the animations mostly remained rather wood. So what would the sandbox struck appear like with a little more realism?

If you get a tree from listed below in Minecraft, it does not make any organizations. The physical law in the survival game does not correspond to truth at all.

The Tikki Sirreplayz has a whole series of videos on its channel that program Minecraft with reasonable animations. The results are especially remarkable. Take an appearance at a real tree felling:

Do you desire to begin developing on your switch yourself? Then look at Minecraft on Amazon:

TikTok celebrates realism in the survival video game

The reactions of Sirreplayz to reasonable physics in Minecraft are well received. In some cases, the videos have countless views, such as the realistic execution of sand:

Once again and once again, Sirreplayz is inquired about the videos in the remarks on how to integrate such animations into their video game themselves. Regrettably, he has to dissatisfy the questioners whenever. Due to the fact that what can be seen in the videos is not a mod or the like. These are rendered animations in blender. So he confesses that his videos are just CGI. He himself is not the developer of these videos, however just responds to it and examines how well realism is executed.

With the following video for TNT, Sirreplayz finds that it is the most reasonable that he has actually ever seen in relation to the sandbox video game:

If you wish to see more of these wonderful Minecraft videos, you can click through the sirreplayz channel, we advise the realistic representation of water, lava and glass.


And if you desire to have other realistic buildings, we have this picture route prepared for you:

What would Minecraft look like with reasonable earth education? The Tikki Sirreplayz has a whole series of videos on its channel that program Minecraft with realistic animations. Once again and again, Sirreplayz is asked about the videos in the remarks on how to integrate such animations into their video game themselves. Since what can be seen in the videos is not a mod or the like.

How to turn Sting into Tsarin into Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Sarin is a grass-type Pokémon presented in Pokemon Sun and Moon, but he returns to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Marina is an excellent addition to any team due to the (scatter) of characteristics and a pool of movements. If you want to add it to your group, you must first catch Sting and develop it. This can make you ask about how to turn Stint into Sarin into Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How to get Sarin in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To turn Stint into Sarin into Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you must raise Sting to 28 level. As soon as you do this, he will learn the movement of STOMP. Make sure that you teach your stem to stomp, as this is necessary for his evolution in the Queen. Having taught it Stomp, increase the level of Sting again to develop. If you do not teach Sting stomp, it will not develop.

If you accidentally forgot STOMP in the set of movements of your Steele or caught a higher level in which there is no movement, you can remember it. This will allow Stint to re-learn the movement, and then you can turn it into Sarin. After he evolved, you no longer need to keep Stomp in his set of movements.


Marina is a powerful poison of herbal type. He has a high attack, defense and special protection, which means that he can withstand several blows and shoot off his own. The capture of one with the character, which increases these characteristics, will make it even more deadly.

To obtain additional information about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, read the sections How to turn Reeve into Jolt eon into Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and How to turn Sunken into Sun flora into Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in professional playing guidelines.

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