BEHAVIOR INTERACTIVE announced on November 2 the new chapter Forged in fog of Dead by Daylight . The new murderer set in the Middle Ages is The Knight (hereinafter, Knight). A new horror appears in this work, set in the forgotten medieval iron and st1. Run in the fog is scheduled to be implemented at midnight on November 23, Japan time.

The new murderer in the Run in the fog is a ruthless commander who does not choose any means for the purpose. He is also a powerful warrior and at the same time as a highly calculated commander. Knight has been a glance from his friends by learning how to handle weapons since childhood. Night, who has gained fame and infamous as an active part on the battlefield, will eventually be a title and will be free. Later, he was fascinated by gaining power.

Knight has the special abilities of Grandma Companies. When this ability is activated, a patrol course can be created and AI-controlled guards can be summoned. The three faithful guards, Executor, Assassin, and Guard, who sworn immortal loyalty to him. The summoned guards leave the Shoji flag in the summoning place and then patrol along the created course. The guard starts tracking when detected by the survivor, and disappears when a certain time has passed or damaged to the target. Survivors can escape from the guards by escaping until the passage of time, removing other survivors from the hook, or getting a shoe flag.

In addition, guards can damage pallets and generators. Each guardian has its own unique ability, but only one can be summoned at a time. Knight is a murderer who uses a unique guard, while those who get in the way are mercilessly cut down. Survivors must aim to escape not only on the night, but also on his guards.

A new survivor is a mysterious secret guard guardian Bitrio Tuscany. He is a scholar who is born in the lord’s family and investigates ancient secrets and mysteries. He is driven by the mission of bringing peace, harmony and order to the world, and continues to explore lost knowledge. Furthermore, he says he is fascinated to find a way to travel in the dimensions.


As you go on a survey, Bitrio hires a night to protect himself, and once builds a profitable relationship with each other. However, as the night represents the nature, the relationship is tragic. In the new chapter, the story of the murderer and the survivor seems to be linked.

The appearance of Bitrio can see the long-standing hard and wisdom you have obtained. In addition, the body is covered with a mysterious symbol. It emits a mysterious turquoise blue light as if it were unknown energy. It is presumed that the unique parks that will be implemented are also based on it. The origin of the mysterious symbol and the meaning of it may be revealed.

In the new chapter, the new murderer Night and the ruins of his guards will appear as the new map The Shattered Square. This map is based on medieval horror, and there are many atrocities performed by the night. The square, where the burn marks of the building remain, appear in the entity area. Set in the era of buried beyond his memory, he can challenge himself as a murderer and to escape as a survivor who investigates ancient secrets and mysteries.

The new chapter Dead by Daylight Kirinyaga regeneration is scheduled to be implemented at midnight on November 23, Japan time. Public test build (PTB) may be distributed before this is implemented. I look forward to the release of further detailed information in the future.